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Specs For Shutters

Shutter Specs/Files for Architects and Designers

These files are in DWG, if you need another format, please contact us and we will supply the format you need.

Download file and open in DWG reader. In order to view and work with the file. right click the link that you want, and save to your hard drive and then open with a DWG Reader.

Get a Free DWG Viewer here


Deco Shutters
2D files

  1. Colonial Shutter
  2. Colonial Shutter Inside Locking Storm bar
  3. Deco Fixed Bahama Shutter
  4. Deco Fixed Bahama Shutter Continued


3D rfa and rvt files

  1. Bahama Zip File
  2. Sample rvt File
  3. Deco Fixed Bahama Shutter
  4. Deco Closed Bahama Shutter
  5. Bahama Shutter Hinge
  6. Bahama Louvers Instructions


Impact Shutters

  1. Impact Bahama Shutter
  2. Impact Colonial Shutter
  3. Folding/Accordion Shutter


Measuring Guides for Colonial and Bahama Shutters

  1. Deco Measuring Guide
  2. Impact Measuring Guide


Component Parts

  1. Deco Blade
  2. Deco Snap
  3. Deco Single Stile
  4. Deco Double Stile
  5. Male Header Bahama
  6. Female Header Bahama
  7. Flat Hinge Colonial
  8. Small Hinge Colonial
  9. Large Hinge Colonial
  10. Hold Back Clip Colonial
  11. Round Tube Bahama
  12. Arch Channel Stile Colonial
  13. Storm Bar


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