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Castle Impact Windows

Castle Impact Windows offer a complete line of hurricane window protection products including aluminum, vinyl, and wood windows and doors utilizing the most advanced engineering systems and technologies available. This ensures the strength and durability needed to resist hurricanes, while adding a long lasting beauty and elegance to your home or office. With Castle Impact Windows and Doors, you will enjoy 24 hour hurricane protection with no effort, improved energy efficiency, increased security against break ins, reduce outside noise and damaging sunlight, as well as increased home value.

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Folding Shutter Corporation

Our Folding Shutters Products have been technologically engineered for maximum protection from damage caused by hurricanes and violent storms. They can pay for themselves through more efficient heating and cooling, enhanced security and hurricane protection. Our folding shutters are easy to open and close, attractive, and secure. The Folding Shutter brand is one of original Florida folding hurricane window protection companies. Since 1969 our heavy duty aluminum shutters have been protecting homes and businesses in South Florida.


Architectural and Design Information

Photos, drawings, and digital files designed to simplify the integration of our products into your designs. We are committed to supplying all the information professional architects, designers and builders might require. We serve all of the United states as well as most countries around the globe.