4 Awesome Tips on Garden Windows For 2017

south florida impact windows and shuttersGarden windows can immensely enhance your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room where you want to have more flowers, small plants, or herbs. Done properly, these windows become a one-time investment with great ROI potential especially nowadays with the growing thrust for organic and all-natural produce.

Some of the advantages of having a garden window include:

  • Updated look for your home both from the inside and from the sidewalk
  • Increase in property value
  • A natural way to dress up any room especially when featuring your favorite plants
  • Natural way to freshen and brighten a room
  • Better energy efficiency

The garden window is usually about 18 inches away from the wall creating a nook that can hold potted or hanging plants, herbs or flowers. However, you don’t have to have just plants. You can put anything you want like vases, knick knacks, room freshener, candles, or baskets.

Tip #1 Build it Strong, Be Creative

Use a reinforced structure, at least 1-inch thick insulated glass, and adequate vents so you can allow the breeze in or keep the cold air out. If you want to have more than one layer of plants, use glass shelves to make them less visible from the outside.

Tip #2 Do not block your view

Restrain any urge you have to completely fill up the window with plants and décor. The main point of the window is ventilation (especially for bathrooms and kitchens) and an inspiring view. Having too much clutter will ruin the effect and weigh the room down.

Tip #3 To save, stick to standard sizes

You may want a garden window but are having second thoughts because of the cost. One solution would be to avoid getting special sizes or unique-shaped window frames because these always cost more. Having your window installed by a professional will also save you in the long run because you can be sure of a good fit and get the usual warranty on parts and labor.

Tip #4 Don’t forget to secure any new window properly

Studies show that majority of residential crimes (breaking and entering, theft) are done by amateurs. The usual route is through open or unlocked windows. To help you when you check the house before leaving, put a small, barely visible window sticker that will remind you to lock the windows.

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