A Storm Off the Coast of Africa Reminds Us This IS the Heart of the Hurricane Season

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The past few weeks have been pretty quiet except for Earl forming in the Caribbean and smashing into Belize, and Javier slamming into the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Of course historically, the busiest part of the Atlantic Hurricane  has been between August and October, with more storms, more major storms and more fatalities occurring in the USA during this period.

At this point, there is nothing to do but wait and watch, and make sure you are ready! This is the best time to make sure you have water, batteries, canned goods. This is the time to firm up your evacuation plans, to know where the nearest shelter is. Now is the time to arrange for a safe place for the family pet, as shelters DO NOT take pets.

This is also when it is critical to make sure your home is storm protected. No tape will not even help. Plywood, if thick enough and installed properly can offer some protection. The best protection is Florida Building Code approved impact protection. This includes storm panels, folding shutters, rolling shutters, colonial shutter, Bahama shutters, impact fabric and screening, as well as impact windows.

If you do not yet have code approved protection. You should contact your nearest, most trusted hurricane protection systems dealer. Folding Shutter Corporation/Castle Impact Windows has been making shutters and protecting south Florida homes since 1969 and are the most trusted name in south Florida for shutters and windows. Whoever you deal with, make sure they are reputable. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Make sure they have a good Better Business Bureau rating. Make sure they use factory trained installers.

If you are uncertain of your protection, you can always call us for a no obligation evaluation and quote.

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