3 Tips on How to Maintain Your Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters Palm Beach are a great way to protect your property, not just from damaging weather, like a hurricane or a storm, but also from robbery and theft. They’re heavy-duty, so they can effectively block strong winds and direct sunlight. They also provide great insulation. Plus, they fold easily for compact storage.

Unfortunately, elements, like heat, humidity, salt, and rain, can take a toll on them. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain your accordion shutters to guarantee that they don’t jam, rust, or malfunction just when you need them. Here are 3 tips on how to maintain your accordion shutters:

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How Can I Protect Them from Damage?

Open and Close Them at Least Once a Month

Make sure that you open and close your accordion shutters Palm Beach at least once a month to keep the tracks moving smoothly and to clear any debris that might jam the shutters. Doing this helps make sure that you’re prepared whenever a storm is coming and you need to use your shutters.

Clean the Tracks of Your Shutters Regularly

Try to clean your shutter tracks as often as you can. Check for any dirt buildup, insect nests, and other debris that may cause problems when opening and closing your shutters.

Lubricate the Shutter Tracks and Thumbscrews

Keep in mind to lubricate your shutter tracks every once in a while, to keep the mobile parts moving smoothly through the tracks. Make sure to use a silicone spray lubricant and not oil lubricants, to avoid speeding up corrosion. You should also lubricate the thumbscrews, so you can easily pull out the locking pins when you need to.

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Follow these tips to guarantee that your accordion shutters Palm Beach function as smoothly as they should. At Castle Impact Windows, we value each of our customers, so we aim to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price, and personalized customer experience. Contact us for a quote!

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