Are Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows the Same?

As a homeowner in storm-prone areas, you have many options when it comes to home protection. While using plywood can protect your home from flying debris and damaging hurricane winds, there are better options to protect your home in a stronger, more attractive, and convenient way. Installing impact windows in FL is one of the best options you can look into.

Impact windows fl

Impact Windows Versus Hurricane Windows

Common Purpose

Hurricane and impact windows are becoming popular not only because these windows are highly effective in securing your home against strong winds, but also because of the rules and regulations in certain states that require homes to be equipped with these types of windows.

Aside from protecting your home, these windows can do more. For instance, it can add value to your home, reduce noise pollution, and decrease energy costs.

Level of Resistance Offered

Although used interchangeably, hurricane windows and impact windows are not the same thing. They differ in some ways, especially when it comes to the level of resistance these windows can offer.

Unlike impact windows where it can withstand large flying debris, hurricane windows do little when it comes to securing your home against projectiles brought by strong winds. Specifically, the primary purpose of hurricane windows is to resist strong winds, which type offers less insulation.

Laminated Glass Panes and Window Frames

There are different types of hurricane or impact windows on the market and most of them can be distinguished by looking into their laminated glass panes. Most impact windows are designed with PET laminated glass with polyvinyl butyral-treated glass.

As for window frames, impact windows possess stronger window frames. For as long as you install these windows accordingly, they can guarantee stability and protection.

Impact windows fl

Add Impact Windows in FL to Your Home’s Protection

If you’re interested in purchasing impact or hurricane windows for your home, give us a call! Our experts at Castle Impact Windows will be glad to entertain your queries.

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