The weather for 2015 was incredibly unpredictable. The country experienced very abnormal flooding (still happening now in 2016), tornadoes in December (in Texas and Midwest), snow and ice storms crippling the nation.

El Nino could not prevent Hurricane Joaquin a Category 4 Hurricane that struck the Bahamas in October, something that has not happened to them since 1866!

The strength of El Nino has already started weakening and may very well be gone by the start of the 2016 Hurricane Season which starts on June 1st. Don’t roll the dice that a hurricane or strong storm system will once again bypass Florida and other coastal states. Your home should be secured on the outside to protect all that is precious to you on the inside.

People are spending money on new cars, furniture, fixing up their kitchens and bathrooms. However, the outside of your home is what protects your family and possessions so isn’t it time to secure your home with impact windows and doors or shutters?


The Staff of Folding Shutter Corporation and Castle Impact Windows