6 Reasons (Besides Hurricanes) To Consider Installing Impact Windows


6 Reasons (Besides Hurricanes) To Consider Installing Impact Windows

No doubt you’ve heard of the benefits of having impact windows during a hurricane. It is well known that they can protect you and your family from injury as well as a long list of possible property damage. But hurricane protection aside, impact windows and doors are an excellent way to improve your quality of life, save you money, and add value to your home.

Reduce Noise Pollution

 Impact windows are made by sandwiching a polyvinyl membrane between two layers of glass. This polyvinyl layer is designed to absorb pressure which means it absorbs sound as well. This means that noisy neighbors, chaotic weather, and busy traffic can carry on as usual without disrupting your peace and quiet.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

 The added thickness of impact windows means better installation, keeping outdoor temperatures from seeping in. You have better control over the temperature of your home and thus save money.

Theft Protection

Impact windows are designed to stand up against violent hurricane force. They can stand up against intruders as well. If a potential burglar attempts to gain entry by breaking a window and finds this to be a challenge, more often than not they will leave your home undisturbed.

 Shatter Resistant

 Cleaning up broken glass can be hazardous. Even a broken dish requires caution in cleaning up and can leave behind shards that may cause injury. A shattered window can be much more dangerous. With impact windows however, this is not an issue. In the unlikely event that impact glass does break, it will not shatter. This can be especially beneficial for those with children in the home.

 Insurance Discounts

 Reducing the likelihood of damage done to your home makes you more attractive to insurance companies. Many companies offer discounts when precautions such as impact windows or storm shutters are installed in a home. These discounts alone could make impact windows worth the investment.

Increase Home Resale Value

 Potential home buyers often consider what improvements a home might need in order for it to meet their standards before they make the purchase. The absence of storm protection could cause potential buyers to offer a lower price. Installing impact windows shows that you’ve maintained your property well and is one less thing standing in the way of making the sale at the price you want.

Yes, hurricane protection is important. But even if another storm never came through your area, improving your home with impact windows would still be worth the investment. Contact us at Castle Impact Windows today—protect your home, your wallet, and your peace of mind.

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