Awning Windows: The Perfect Choice for Wide-Open Ventilation


Awning Windows: The Perfect Choice for Wide-Open Ventilation

Awning windows are casement windows with hinges located at the top of the system. Casement windows are defined as windows hinged from one side and able to open outwards and angled to allow the wind or breeze to come in while keeping rain out. The single awning windows can open inward or outwards, but the double panel awning windows have to open inwards. To open awning windows, a lever is used as for the size and shape - this is up to the property owner and his preferences.Historically, awnings refer to an overhang, which was invented by the ancient Egyptians. By the 18th century, the concept of casement windows was introduced and replaced the stone mullioned windows. Back then, casement windows were made of iron and glass and were handcrafted. The iron was replaced by oak wood in the 19th century, and lead strips were used to hold the glass panes.Today, awning windows can be made of different materials and are practically maintenance-free. The improvements through the years have resulted in property owners being able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Higher placement of awning windows mainly to provide better privacy
  2. Improved indoor air circulation
  3. Low maintenance, weather resistant designs
  4. Energy efficient design and materials
  5. Simple and light security locks
  6. Reduces indoor moisture

The materials used with awning windows include:

  • Aluminum - light, durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Vinyl - Does not fade or rot and made of impact-resistant hollow PVC that improves resistance to condensation and heat transfer
  • Clad wood - wood inside, aluminum outside
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Tempered glass or safety glass
  • Grilles

The most common issues with awning windows include:

  • Relatively small maximum size because a bigger window size will require a heavier sash. A heavier sash will shorten the lifespan of this kind of window because of pressure on the frame
  • If you put the awning window too low, you could cause accident with a tall person who may end up bumping into the open window. Also, awning window that is too low in placement may cause too much outdoor dirt and pollution to fly in
  • Lastly, in case of an emergency, you will have a hard time using the awning window as an exit if the glass is mounted from the inside

Fortunately, all these issues can be directly addressed by our professional group at Castle Impact Windows. Give us a call, and we'll do everything to ease your worries and make this experience as friendly as possible.

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