Can a Hurricane Shutter Keep Water Out?


Can a Hurricane Shutter Keep Water Out?

Hurricane season is coming, and it is high time to prepare your home from damaging storms. Every storm damage professional has seen firsthand how tropical storms may harm your property both during the fortuitous events and afterward. That’s why it is important to invest in hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County.Water intrusion is one of the most common ways storms can cause long-term harm to your house. Keep reading to know the top three techniques to prevent water intrusion during a storm.

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Ways to Obstruct Water Intrusion During a Hurricane

Have Your Roof Thoroughly Checked

The last thing you want is to discover after a storm that you have a leaking roof. You can have it fixed before hurricane season. You can also have an expert evaluate your property before the storm begins.If you're low on cash, you can check the roof on your own. But, for more accurate findings, it is always advisable to engage a roofing or damage restoration expert. You might even be able to identify a roof leak with the help of a drone these days!

Purchase Plywood and Hurricane Shutters

If you live in an area that is frequently impacted by hurricanes, it is critical to cover your windows as well as to support your doors. Mounting storm shutters—a coating of metal specifically intended to keep water out and prevent your windows from breaking during a storm—is one practical approach to hurricane-proof your windows.It's also a great idea to get some plywood to board up any windows that don't have hurricane shutters or to add an extra layer of protection to those that do. Hurricane-proof windows are a great option as well. These methods not only block water intrusion but also flying debris.

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No More Plywood, Just Hurricane Shutters in Palm Beach County

Our professionals at Castle Impact Windows recommend that you get quality hurricane shutters to protect your home. See us today!

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