Can You Accidently Break Your Hurricane Shutters?


Can You Accidently Break Your Hurricane Shutters?

Your home is shielded from rain, wind, and flying debris by hurricane shutters in Vero Beach. Most Floridians concur that it’s a must during storm season due to the state's occasionally unexpected hurricane conditions. Storm shutters are necessary, thus they come in various styles, from the fashionable, permanently installed robust accordion shutters for retractable protection to Bahama shutters for tall windows. Not to be overlooked are cost-effective storm panels or heavy-duty roll-down shutters for wider apertures. But far too frequently, people position or install their hurricane shutters early or leave them in place all year long, either to save time by only setting them up when necessary or for other ostensibly safe reasons. However, it can be expensive and risky to have your hurricane shutters in a place where there isn't a significant storm.

Impact door and hurricane shutters in Vero Beach

Year-Round Use of Hurricane Shutters

More Work

Year-round use of your hurricane shutters and screens on your windows could be detrimental rather than beneficial depending on the type you own. Likewise, maintaining them year-round requires more work and possibly additional costs. Engaging storm shutters year-round will inevitably result in extra maintenance work on your part. The reason for this is that the majority of them were not designed to resist prolonged exposure to salinity, corrosive environment, extreme temperatures, and intense sunlight. Likewise, you will have to clean them more frequently to prevent grime accumulation. Despite the fact that you believe that leaving them open will prevent you from having to clean the windows behind them, this is absolutely untrue. Excess moisture trapped between the shutter and glass could cause more serious issues. If you are interested in having your shutter up year-round, there are some options available. It's worth asking so you can get what works best for you.

Corrode or Rust Over Time

Hurricane shutters with metal parts may rust or corrode over time if they are exposed to saline elements and moisture, while those which have plastic parts may shatter if exposed to too much sunlight. Really, the best course of action is to only open your storm shutters during a hurricane. Hurricane shutters have a shorter lifespan when they are frequently opened. Different shutter designs are made for various uses. Although certain shutters, such as the Bahamas, are designed to serve as permanent fixtures over windows, they are normally only used on tall windows and are constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials.

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How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters in Vero Beach

Although they won’t easily break, they are still subject to wear and tear. Also, when not in use, most hurricane shutters such as accordions or roll-downs can be folded up and concealed in protective housing. Contact us to learn how to maintain your hurricane shutters.

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