Expand Interior Space with Bay Windows


Expand Interior Space with Bay Windows

The bay window is one of the add-ons to a house that can truly transform a room both from the inside and out. From the inexperienced eye, it’s easy to see why the bay window is often called the bay window – because they look very much like the bow window and provide similar benefits. However, a bay window usually has only 3 openings while a bow window has up to five openings. Also, the two side windows of the bay window are smaller than the middle window which is similar to a picture window. If you have a modern house design, the bay window is considered a better match than the bow window which looks Victorian.In terms of space, you get more with the bay window because this window protrudes farther away from the wall and into your exterior space. This design, however, does not bring in as much natural sunlight as the bow window – and this might even work in your favor if you want controlled light spill.Even more interesting is the fact that with the right supplier, you can request a bay window that wraps around a corner of your home. This unique option will create a turret shaped nook that you can turn into a special private space for someone.Economically, installing a bay window will be more cost effective than expanding the house with an extra room. And you might be happy with the extra space from the bay window because then it will not require you to rethink the whole layout and other factors, like increase in energy consumption and the need to pay much higher taxes because of the major improvements.One of the best ways to cut the difference in energy costs because of the bigger space is to make sure you get Energy Star glass (low e glass) and have the windows installed by a professional to avoid unnecessary leaks. The fact is when a replacement window is handled by a trained team like Castle Impact Windows, the cost pays for itself after a few years.Quick Tips on Creating a Beautiful Indoor Nook

  • Put a cushion with soft pillows and even a blanket
  • Don’t clutter this area
  • Turn the area into a study area by making it a desk with shelves
  • Consider curtains for privacy when you want it
  • Instead of a cushion, put a sofa and use the empty space as a sofa board where you can put your reading lamp, little knick knacks and books.

For your bay window, contact us at Castle Impact Windows and let us show you how a bay window can transform your home.

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