Fixed Light Architectural Windows for Hurricane-Prone Houses


Fixed Light Architectural Windows for Hurricane-Prone Houses

Choosing a home by the ocean can be relaxing with those cool breezes, beautiful sunrise or sunset, and early morning walks on the beach. However, do you know which type of hurricane windows in Boca Raton can protect your beautiful paradise when hurricane season comes?As emphasized by the International Hurricane Protection Association, once the wind gets inside your home, there is a great possibility that your roof and other structures of the house will be destroyed. Thus, purchasing hurricane windows for your South Florida home is more of an investment than an expense.

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Why Choose Fixed Light Architectural Windows?

Aesthetics without Compromising Protection

A fixed light architectural window is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for something that can increase the natural light to their home and enhance its aesthetics – without compromising the view. Alone or mixed with various types of windows, these windows are an excellent way to bring the breathtaking view of the outdoors into your home.Apart from aesthetics and allowing natural light into your home, fixed light architectural windows have a stationary design, creating larger spaces compared to when you have venting windows. Additionally, because it increases your home's natural light, you can save more energy and lower the cost of your electric bill.

Other Exceptional Features

Fixed light architectural windows are designed with various custom shapes that include:

  • Pentagons,
  • Octagons,
  • Hexagons,
  • Half Circles
  • Full Circles
  • Ovals
  • And More

With these architectural shapes, you can choose whichever you like and customize your home to your liking. As mentioned earlier, these windows can stand alone, or you can combine them with other types of windows.

Where can I get Hurricane windows boca raton?

Achieve Maximum Protection and Aesthetics with Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton

Are you interested in maximizing the protection of your home without compromising its aesthetics? Contact Castle Impact Windows to add the perfect windows to your home!

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