Home Security: How to Burglar Proof Windows


Home Security: How to Burglar Proof Windows

Home security is extremely important and although individuals understand the importance of locking doors, they often overlook that it’s important to burglar proof windows. A thief will either enter your home through a door or window. Windows are the weakest point of entry. If your doors are solid and have locks to provide safety, so should your windows.There are several ways to reinforce your glass windows. The first is with tempered glass. This type of glass is more durable than traditional glass and is not easy to break. Although tempered glass is expensive compared to traditional glass, it is the least expensive option for reinforcing windows. Laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is another option for your home’s windows. The laminated glass consists of layers of vinyl that is sandwiched between two sheets of traditional glass. To break through this type of window, the thief would have to strike the window repeatedly in the same locations. Which would cause a lot of noise and making these types of windows an excellent deterrent. There is also wire mesh glass and bullet-resistant glass options, but these options are very expensive for most families and do not provide any extra security over the less expensive reinforced glass options.Acrylic plastic windows, also called Plexiglas windows, are the same thickness as traditional windows, however, they are 10 times stronger than traditional windows. Polycarbonate windows are more expensive, but very secure. These windows have 250 times more impact resistance than safety glass and are 10 times stronger than acrylic.Window alarms can also be placed on each window of the home. There are several types of window alarms on the market. The sensor detects when the window is opened or broken and sounds an alarm to warn the homeowner and scare of the thieves. Window alarms come with various options. Some of them are just simple sensor and other have infrared motion detectors to monitor motion around the windows. There are even window alarms that allow the homeowner to remotely monitor their windows and will alert them if motion is detected.

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