How Is Impact Glass Tested?


How Is Impact Glass Tested?

There are numerous items available that are marketed as hurricane impact windows in FL, but not all of them live up to their claims. Reading and comprehending the impact ratings on your impact-resistant windows is the only way to ensure they will withstand powerful strikes when needed.  

When looking for new impact windows, this article will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you buy the right one.  

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Choose Windows with Quality and Highly-Rated Impact Glass  

Check the Quality of the Frame

The window's glass and frame are put to the test. Because of the glass thickness and the frame's hardware, a higher grade is offered. The rating is typically greater when premium, structurally sound material is utilized. In fact, the window's overall rating may rise due to the frame's quality.  

Water Pressure Test  

The amount of water that the windows can keep out is measured by pressure regardless of the type of window being tested. The amount of water pressure that is kept out is used to test it. To get the best hurricane impact window, you need to choose those which have undergone a water pressure test.  

Look for a Label on the Glass    

Each window is individually cut, even though most sheets of glass for impact-resistant windows have a mark in the corner. The impact rating marking may have been removed to maximize the amount of glass per sheet. In this situation, the manufacturer normally affixes a detachable label stating the type of glass.    

Even though it's against the law to place a fake sticker or label, companies still do this. Hence, you have to be sure to select a reliable manufacturer and installer so you will have confidence in your hurricane-impact windows.  

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Additional Rating Conditions of Impact Windows in FL    

Impact window testing is subject to additional regulations in Florida because it is a hurricane and severe storm area. The tests include the common structural, water, and air tests used to rate impact-resistant windows. Make sure you understand how impact windows are tested and the grade they have gotten before having them placed in your home. Contact us for more information!

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