Hurricane Shutters Palm Beach County | Hurricane-Proof Your Property with Hurricane Shutters


Hurricane Shutters Palm Beach County | Hurricane-Proof Your Property with Hurricane Shutters

Why are we the best in providing Hurricane shutters in Palm Beach?

Experienced Professionals

We are a team of experienced professionals in West Palm Beach. Every job we undertake is first personally examined and then inspected. Based on careful planning, sturdy shutters of various dimensions and sizes are created to fit your needs perfectly. Our experts know what will work for you and will offer valuable suggestions to help you choose the best shutters.

Best and Tough Shutters

The shutters we provide are the best shutters that can easily withstand strong winds of over 145 miles per hour. The sturdy and robust material used in our shutters offers the greatest storm protection and makes them last for a very long time. After installing our shutters, you will never have to worry about storms or safety.

Guarantee for Safety

A quality and worry-free experience is guaranteed when you let us safeguard you and your structures from the violent weather and noisy hurricanes. Being the best in Palm Beach, Castle Impact Windows has all the safety solutions for brutal forces of nature and your ever-changing needs.

Advanced Manufacturers

We offer the highest level of reliable safety and hurricane security at affordable prices to all our customers. Being one of the most experienced and technologically advanced makers of accordion shutters, Bahamas, storm panels, colonials, we offer the best safety solutions available in the market. All our products are designed to be extremely strong and last forever.

We are always prepared

We take preparation very seriously. We are always prepared to provide you and your loved ones with safety and all precautionary measures when you need them the most. We are flexible to work with you on all types of budgets, and we have good finance options with great rates. We start working with you quite early during the planning stage to help you plan your project before the busy season starts and lead times get stretched.

Our reputation is important to us

We do impeccable work and take our reputation very seriously. We use the best, reliable, and durable material in all our products, offer the best service, very practical suggestions, and free estimates to help you with all your safety needs. We stay away from cheap alternatives and value your trust in us. We run successful maintenance programs and do very efficient service calls.

We are innovative

We are constantly searching for newer, safer, and innovative ways to make our products better and more effective to fortify or re-service your homes and businesses. With our products installed, you will never have to worry about bad and violent weather.

Best Customer Service

Our team at palm beach county offers excellent customer service throughout the length of the project, end to end. Based on your needs, we help you choose and identify the best products. Our project handlers monitor each step of the project from the installation to the final stage inspection. We answer all your queries and give you all the necessary information you need to install our products.

Tips to Choose the Right Hurricane shutters

1) Check Reviews

There are countless companies offering hurricane shutters, claiming their products to be the best. But customer reviews are your best bet to figure out the companies with top services. You can find hundreds of great customer reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Angie’s list, which indicate the great quality of our products and services.

2) For how long has the company been in this business?

Before buying the hurricane shutters from a company, ask these questions. Does this company offer any damage or defects related warranty and for how long? Do they offer extended warranties? How long have they been in business? Always buy your shutters from well-established companies as they will stay in business long enough to fulfill their warranty-related promises in the years to come.

3) Closing Time is important

The hurricane shutters are designed to be durable and are quite heavy. They may take up to a few hours to close completely, depending on the number of windows and doors. You might end up keeping them closed during the entire season. So, go for the shutters that open and close within minutes with just a click on a button so that you can plan the closing job well before the hurricane hits.

4) The Codes

Before finalizing on the hurricane shutters, you must ensure they conform to the wind and construction codes of your area. There is a possibility that the shutters designed for Florida are compatible with homes in Texas and vice-versa. The shutter manufacturing company should be able to provide you with this information on request.

Compare different types of shutters

Apart from unreliable plywood-storm-protection, there are three different types of shutters available. Choose wisely.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

These motor-operated permanent shutters last longer than a year, protect against storms, harsh sun, and noise and can be installed over windows, doors, and patios.

Accordion Shutters

These are installed on a track and can be pulled together, across a track, to be locked in place. A single person can put them up in minutes or push them out of the way of your doors and windows.

Storm Panels

These steel or aluminum shutters are stored in a garage and pulled out when a storm is imminent. These shutters are affordable, custom-built, and offer protection against wind, debris, and water.

Hurricane Shutters FAQ

Q1. Is hurricane shutters necessary?

Yes, you must have hurricane shutters. As per the Florida Building Codes, all houses built after 2001 should have storm or hurricane-impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters. In addition to safeguarding you, your loved ones, and your property against the violent forces of nature, hurricane shutters provide additional security against thefts, break-ins, and burglaries.

Q2. What are the advantages of hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters offer multiple benefits like saving windows from flying objects or debris, prevent the air pressure from rising (rising air pressure can cause the house roofs to cave-in), saving the house from violent forces of hurricanes and storms. They also provide added security, keep away the unwanted noise, and improve overall energy efficiency.

Q3. Do storm shutters provide the required protection?

Standard building codes require the hurricane shutters to withstand 110 mph winds. But a new standard called ASCE-7-88 imposes stricter regulations and parameters (that are expensive to implement) by adding wind-load standard, negative cycling test and an impact test to the existing and standard measures. So, yes, storm shutters provide all the protection you need. Get in touch with our West Palm Beach team now.

Q4. What kind of materials are used for hurricane shutters?

The primary material used in the hurricane shutters is aluminum. Some rolling-type shutters use extruded vinyl slats or aluminum-made foam-filled slats. All the material used in our hurricane shutters meets the building code requirements of Florida state.

Q5. Can I come and pick my shutters?

Yes, you can meet us and pick up your purchased shutters in West Palm Beach and avoid paying the delivery fee. But please be advised that we’re busy with multiple deliveries during the day, and directly walking in might waste your time. A prior appointment needs to be booked to make it easier and smoother for you to pick up your order.

Q6. Should I use studded angle or headers with the shutters?

You can install your hurricane panels in a direct-mount style with machine screw anchors and a truss head screw. There’s a possibility that you may not like how headers or tracks change the appearance of your house. In that case, you can choose to mount the shutters directly. It is easier to put up shutters installed with tracks as compared to the shutters directly mounted to the house.

Q7. Do you provide decorative window shutters in West Palm Beach?

Yes, we have a good collection of exterior window shutters with great aesthetic appeal. From a coastal style to a rustic to the latest style with enhanced functionality, we will help you find that great design as per your needs. We also have shutters that are energy efficient. Contact us today for great deals on all our products.

Q8. There is a gap at the top after my hurricane shutter fell, what happened?

Most likely, you installed a PVC shutter slat that, over a while, loses its elasticity and grip to the environment. In all possibility, the thinnest J hook found in the shutter slat has broken off. This hook is responsible for connecting various slats and pulling all the weight. The topmost slat usually breaks under all the weight it pulls, leaving a gap at the top of your hurricane shutter.

Q9. Do you do maintenance for the shutters in West Palm Beach?

Shutters have many mechanical parts that get damaged, clogged, or broken because of the water, moisture, sunlight, and debris. So, it is natural that they require maintenance. We take pride in our exceptional and high-quality maintenance service, as we have quick turnaround times. Be it regular maintenance or maintenance due to damage of any kind; we are always available to help.

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