Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows


Hurricane Shutters  vs. Impact Windows

There have been 114 hurricanes that have hit Florida since 1851 and 37 of those hurricanes had winds between 100-160 miles per hour. Florida is also an easy target because it is a three-sided peninsula that is prone to not only Atlantic Ocean storms but storms that come in from the Gulf of Mexico also.If you are considering upgrading the windows or having hurricane shutters installed in your home, your likes and dislikes are not the only thing that is important in the decision. As a homeowner, you should consider what the return on investment will be before you make any final decisions. If you live in Florida and you are trying to decide if you should upgrade to impact resistant window or hurricane shutters to provide storm protection you will first need to decide what product you like or dislike and what the return investment for each will be. Having impact windows or hurricane shutters installed in the home could qualify you for a savings of $500 on your home insurance premium.It would be nice if you could expect to receive a 100% return on investment on every home improvement project that you do. However, when you have impact resistant windows installed, you can expect to see between an 80-86% return on investment. Impact resistant windows can also lower your home insurance rates and can, in the future, be a huge selling point for your home. To ensure that you are choosing quality impact resistant windows and getting a guarantee on the installation, you will want to work with a qualified contractor such as Castle Impact Windows and Doors. Their qualified contractors will come out to your home and give you a free estimate.The return on investment for hurricane shutters is less than what it is for impact resistant windows. As a homeowner, you can expect to see about a 50% return on investment for having hurricane shutters installed on your home. However, the cost of hurricane shutters is less than the cost of impact resistant windows. If you are on a budget and not too concerned with the return on investment, hurricane shutter may be the way to go. The hurricane shutters may not have a huge impact on the value of a home, but they will be attractive to future buyers. Insurance carriers also offer discounts for having hurricane shutters. If you have hurricane shutters installed, you can always upgrade your windows to impact resistant windows in the future.

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