Hurricane Windows and Florida Law


Hurricane Windows and Florida Law

The Florida Building Code has stringent guidelines about what is permissible when changing or installing new hurricane windows in Boca Raton. All glazed openings, whether it’s a window or glass, within a structure are required to either be impact-resistant or use impact covers, such as accordion shutters or hurricane panels. All window and door projects must also have municipal approval, including replacement and new construction. Therefore, it is necessary to establish to the building department that adequate hurricane protection has been installed when asking for a permit and during inspections.

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Building Code Specifications in Florida

Storm Wind Speed Is 140 Mph or More

The usual window in Florida is a complex system that includes the frame, sash, and any operable components in addition to the glazing openings. If a house or establishment is located within one mile of the shore and the usual storm wind speed is 140 mph or more, the FBC mandates that the windows be impact-resistant or protected by shutters. Of course, impact windows are becoming popular throughout Florida, even if the property is not in hurricane-prone areas.

Specifications For Exterior Glass Doors

The Florida Building Code specifies the performance and building specifications for exterior glass doors and windows fitted in wall systems. It must be tested by a licensed testing facility. The manufacturer, approved product certification agency, testing laboratory, evaluation institution, or notice of acceptance from authorities must be identified on visible labels attached to the window. Make sure not to peel off the sticker before the inspection, as the city inspector will need to see it on your windows for your home to pass inspection.

Suitable Installation

The window's performance depends on how securely it is fastened to your home or establishment. Each manufacturer provides installation instructions for its impact-resistant windows to give the most significant level of defense against storm-driven debris.

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Get More Information About Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton

If you reside in hurricane-prone areas, contact Castle Impact Windows for more information on how to protect your home.

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