Hurricane Windows: How Are They Created?


Hurricane Windows: How Are They Created?

Hurricane windows in Jupiter are better than regular glass windows for several reasons. They shield your house from storm winds. Likewise, they ward off burglars and looters who might try to smash your windows. But how do these windows work so well? It's essential to understand what you're buying before deciding to purchase hurricane windows.

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How Are Hurricane Windows Made?

The Differences

Hurricane windows normally remain intact even if they break. In contrast to standard glass-pane windows, this type commonly shatters into hundreds of sharp pieces when hit by hard objects. In essence, hurricane windows are comparable to the laminated glass used in automotive windshields that is impact-resistant. Although the glass fragments in this kind of laminated safety glass can still break, they will stay attached. Hurricane windows that can withstand impacts have unique frames. These offer stronger support for the glass and improved wind and water protection. They resemble conventional windows and are just as simple to open and close.

The Process of Making Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are comprised of glass film, an inside glass layer, and an outer tempered glass layer in addition to the frame. Both SGP and PVB components are found in the glass film that is part of the interior heat-strengthened glass layer. The rip strength of this high-performance interlayer is five times greater than that of conventional glass windows. Another advantage of using a glass film is that it stops the glass from flying off and into your home. The same technology is applied to automobile windshields. Homeowners can also benefit from the interior glass layer in several ways. For instance, laminated glass limits the amount of UV light that enters your house. This helps stop the fading of furniture, rugs, and other priceless goods brought on by sunlight. Impact windows offer other advantages, such as improving a building's energy efficiency, in addition to providing excellent storm protection for homes.

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Improve Storm Protection for Your Home with Hurricane Windows in Jupiter

At Castle Impact Windows, we recognize the value of your family's home. We always take the time to ensure that your windows are placed correctly to offer the highest level of security. Call us when you need our expertise.

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