Hurricane Windows Jupiter | Why You Should Install Hurricane Windows


Hurricane Windows Jupiter | Why You Should Install Hurricane Windows

Although it’s highly impossible for anyone to stop a hurricane, anyone can lessen its damage. If a destructive hurricane is not a stranger in your area, you should consider installing Hurricane Windows Jupiter in your home if protecting it is your priority. Aside from the fact that they’ll protect your house from high winds, storm debris, and water damage, they’ll also save you some money. Check out their benefits:

They’ll Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Did you know that Hurricane Windows Jupiter can effectively lessen the solar heat gain in the summer and retain heat inside your home in the winter? In other words, you’ll save money on your utility bills.

You’ll receive insurance benefits

Insurance companies recognize the fact that hurricane windows Jupiter is effective in windstorm protective systems. If each of your home’s openings is protected by impact windows and doors, you, as a policyholder, can get up to 45% premium discounts. In other words, you’ll reduce the cost of installation.

They Offer UV Protection

With Hurricane Windows Jupiter, your home will be protected from ultraviolet light that may damage and discolor your valuable interiors, flooring, paint, loveseat, Persian rug, artwork, fabrics, and your favorite photographs. As a sunscreen, these windows offer 99% protection without reducing visible light.

Outdoor Noise Will Be Reduced

If you live near a highway, a busy intersection or a construction site, you won’t have to be distracted by the outdoor noise if you have Hurricane Windows.

They Protect You From Burglars

Since Hurricane Windows are made of several layers of glass, they make intrusions virtually impossible. No force of a brick or a hammer applied can break them. You’ll not only enjoy 24-hour protection from bad weather, but you’ll also find them useful in protecting you and your loved ones from burglars who may attempt to break into your home.

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Castle Impact Windows have installed over 100,000 high-quality Hurricane Windows Jupiter around the South Florida area since 1969. If you want to get your home safe, secure, and ready for a storm, contact us today.

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