Impact Windows Advancements


Impact Windows Advancements

According to recent studies, technology can boost all areas of a household's sense of safety and security by as much as 60%, as well as their relaxation and comfort by as much as 55%. Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale that are energy efficient, for example, can protect you from the sun's strong heat, maintain a suitable internal temperature, and shield you from flying debris and harsh storm rains. In addition, technology will save you money, increase the market value of your home by 5%, and improve the beauty of your home.

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Technologies Used in Impact Windows

Low-E and Argon Glass

"Low E" refers to a coating on the glass that can control solar heat, whereas "argon" refers to the odorless and non-toxic gas that can filter UV radiation and prevent leaking between the glass panes. This is an energy-efficient glass that can maintain a constant indoor temperature in your home regardless of the outside temperature. It will reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner or heater has to use to keep your desired temperature, especially if new replacement impact windows are double or triple-paned.

Fiberglass Frames

Introduced in the mid-1990s, this technology is three times stronger than wood frames and eight times stronger than vinyl frames. As a result, window seals aren't put under too much stress, and they can contract and expand as the temperature changes. In other words, you can reduce fast deterioration and extend the life of your window frames. Fixed casement or non-operating casement windows are referred to as dead-light specialty windows. This is not new technology, but it’s only new terminology. The main benefit of this type of hurricane window is that it is watertight. It’s frequently the first line of defense for windows on the second or higher floors that receive the most rainwater.

Design Pressure

According to professionals such as architects and window specialty manufacturers, such as the team at Castle Impact Windows, design pressure is the rating given to a window that identifies its resistance to wind and other dynamic pressures. A higher DP rating is required for impact windows. Although DP was first introduced in the 1940s, it did not become a requirement of the Building Code until much later. In order to be certified and allowed on the market, all impact window and door products must pass cycle, dynamic pressure, and structural testing.

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