Impact Windows FL | How Do Impact Windows Protect Your Home During A Storm?


Impact Windows FL | How Do Impact Windows Protect Your Home During A Storm?

Why are we the Best in providing Impact windows in West Palm Beach?

Professional Installation

With a meticulous and efficient team of professionals, Castle Impact Windows strives to provide you with the best service possible. Our reputation for delivering world-class services to our customers is exceeded only by our teams’ desire to make every house as safe as it can be against the elements of nature. Years of experience have equipped our team of experts with excellent skills to install our quality impact windows, doors, and storefronts, securing your place for years and decades to come.

High-Quality Impact Windows

As we designed to withstand gale-force winds, our products are thoroughly tested against flying debris, tree branches, and other objects you would encounter in a storm. We have manufactured it using the latest technological innovation and the highest quality materials available. Our doors and windows have endured the test of time and nature, providing our customers with the best in class solution for all your house renovation and replacement needs.

Free of Cost Consultation

We know the value of providing an honest, effective, and satisfactory experience to our customers. We provide you with a free of charge consultation where we understand from you, your requirements and help you in your journey to make your home secure against storms and intruders while keeping it beautiful.

Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced team members in West Palm Beach, who will come down to review and assess your property. Depending on the size of the property and your requirements, our expert team member will provide you with an on-the-spot assessment, or if you choose, a completely worked plan to renovate your house can be developed, keeping in mind your specific requirements.

Significance of our Impact Windows

A home is like a sanctuary, a place made of products that are strong, durable, and safe. While saving you from the wind, rain, and flying branches outside during a storm, your windows should be safe enough for your kids, family members, and pets in the event one of them breaks.

With our Impact Window’s innovative new design and the special materials used in its production, complete with a high-tensile film of lamination over its’ surface, keeping it intact even in the off-chance that they develop a crack. They are the best option available in the market to keep your house safe from the outside and inside. The lamination is designed to prevent the products from losing their original shape. It also prevents the glass inside from shattering into millions of pieces or scattering all over your house.

We provide the best service

We assign a personal project manager from the beginning to ensure the whole project is completed to your 100% satisfaction. The project manager will make sure everything is taken care of, from getting all your permits and licenses in place to getting your place cleaned up and clearing away the junk left behind after the work is done.

The project manager assigned to you will always keep you informed about the work, incorporating your inputs about your requirements and completing the installation accordingly in time, with products that are guaranteed by us and last you a lifetime. With the help of a highly trained, efficient, and experienced team, we provide you with service and products which adhere to the highest industry standards.

We are up to date on Codes

Florida has some strict guidelines regarding houses built on the coastline. Combined with the storms West Palm Beach sees every year, it makes it that much more important than the materials being used in your house meets the highest quality standards.

We adhere to Florida’s most stringent industry building code regulations, and our highly trained and experienced team of technicians ensures that only the best quality product and craftsmanship is used in protecting your house.

8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

Check Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Call our customers or text them to ask! With the quality of service we deliver and the products we provide, we are certain that you will hear only good things about us.

Our customers are our priority, and we like to believe a satisfied customer is a thousand times better than a dissatisfied one. With our great aftersales service and professional approach to delivering a great user experience, we have perfected the art of making our customers happy.

The physical address of the company is must

Though fly-by-night companies have become all the rage today and you never know what you are signing up for, Castle Impact Windows is one name you can always trust. Search for the place and come down here at our workshop anytime! You can see your work getting done, and you can even chat with our workmen about how we are making your home safe.

What kind of frame materials are available?

We know you only want the best and beautiful for your home. Castle Impact Windows offers the best frames available in the market. You can choose from vinyl or heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames, painted with electrostatic paint, which gives it a fine and low maintenance finish.

The frames have a minimum frame depth of 2 ¾ inches on windows and 5 1/8 inches on sliding glass doors, with a minimum nominal wall thickness of .062, aiding the system in withstanding strong winds. The molded nylon anti-friction sash guides help operate the doors and windows smoothly.

What are the important aspects of the impact window?

Our high-performance Impact windows, doors, and storefronts have all the recommended characteristics such as laminated insulating glass, heat-reducing glass-tints, and hi-performance low-E selections. The innovative design and special materials used in the products ensure reduced energy bills and prevent your artwork, furnishings, and draperies from fading away due to continued exposure to harmful sun rays.

Can I install impact windows, or do I need to hire a professional?

Installing Impact Windows is a fairly exact science with numerous detailed measurements to be taken to provide a well-insulated air-tight environment, which requires expert craftsmanship and experience to get it right in the first go.

While installing impact windows, one needs to make sure the measurements are right, the fit is perfect, and the correct windows and doors are being installed to make it a truly energy-efficient and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Check the price

Do you know what you are signing up for when you sign on the dotted line? We will tell you. Our Project Manager will explain all the charges and costs associated with the project before the work starts. We take care of everything, from taking permits, handling any homeowners-association compliance issues, accessories you may need along with the special features you request for, and provide our customers with impeccable service.

Get to know your home’s landscape and architecture

Do you know your home’s landscape and architecture? How light and heat enter your home, and the trees and houses around it, all determine how cold or warm your house will be at any certain point of time in a day, month, or year.

With the help of our experienced team members, you can understand your home’s landscape and architecture to decide the products you want to install and the materials you want to be used in them.

Safety is Important

Safety should be your top priority. Whether you have kids in your house or pets, their safety is what you should have in mind when you are selecting a door or window for your home. With specific safety requirements like tempered glass nearer to the floors and windows which open sideways, from the top and bottom, single-hung and double-hung windows, the choices are numerous. You need to choose the one that suits your house and will be safe to have in the eye of a hurricane-like Irma. You will appreciate it after having a conversation with one of our experts.

FAQs in Impact windows

What are the advantages of impact doors and windows?

Impact doors and windows are specially designed to protect you against gale-force winds during hurricanes. With its innovative design, the impact windows also reduce your electricity bills and keep your home safe from intruders, along with keeping noise levels low and your artwork, furnishing, and draperies from fading.

Are there different colors of impact doors?

Yes! We offer a variety of colors and tints for your windows and doors for you to choose from.

What will happen during the free of cost consultation?

During the free of cost consultation, you can discuss with us your requirements like more space, improved energy efficiency, improved curb appeal, and your budget. Once our Project Manager knows what you are looking for, they will discuss your design options, show you product samples, and take measurements of your space. She/he will explain the amount of work that would be needed, and the time it would take to complete the work. The Project Manager will also give you a detailed quote of all the work.

Can you show me the photos of your previous projects?

Absolutely! We love to show our customers our gallery of past projects. You can take a few minutes to go over the pictures to get an idea of the quality of work you can expect when you choose to go with Castle Impact Windows.

How long have you been in this business?

We have been installing windows since 1997. We have experience in installing Impact Windows since 2005.

Can impact windows protect our home from burglars and intruders?

Our innovative shatter-resistant and laminated windows and doors are securely fastened to heavy-duty aluminum frames for extra protection. They are made of impact-resistant glazing, which consists of two layers of annealed or tempered glass bonded to an intermediate layer of a shatterproof membrane.

In the case of the outer glass breaks, the shattered pieces will stick together due to the PVB film over them. While a glass-like, this is designed to not break against impact from branches, tree logs, and hailstorms, testing has found they can also stop impact from most firearms and projectiles. The fastenings, too, have been tested against excessive force, protecting you against nature and intruders alike.

What is the time taken to install the impact windows?

Castle Impact Windows prides itself on its dedicated team of experienced and efficient, trained professionals in west palm beach. With such a great team of people, we ensure your new doors and windows are installed while maintaining the highest service quality standards within 5-10 weeks, depending on the size of your property and the amount of work required. With that said, homeowner association approvals, acquisition of permits, and adverse weather conditions are also a factor in the time it takes to install your windows and doors.

What are the different styles of impact windows offered by Castle Impact Windows in West Palm Beach?

Castle Impact Windows offers you a wide selection of windows to choose from. Some of our selections include double-hung windows, sliding & tilt-in sliding windows, casement & awning windows, bay & bow windows, garden windows, and sliding patio doors. To check out what each of these styles looks like and more options, please click here.

“I purchased my shutters in 2007 I live in the Caribbean, the island of Anguilla to be specific my shutters stood up to Irma and this is a testament to the quality I have since recommended this product to others here in the Caribbean”

Allan C. Island of Anguilla  

“You are doing everything right. Can’t think of anything that needs improvement. Very pleased”

H. Lee, Lake Worth, FL  

“I’ve used you guys twice. I’d use you again in the future. You do great work, in a timely fashion. Thanks for a great job!!”

D. Pruss, Lake Worth, FL