Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale | Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows


Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale | Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows

Why Do You need Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale?

Protection against UV

Florida experiences direct sunlight all year round, and the special film coating the surface of Castle Impact Windows and the materials used in the products protect against direct exposure to harmful Ultraviolet lights present in direct sunlight.

Direct exposure to the harmful Ultraviolet lights all year round can affect your skin, along with your artwork, fabrics, photographs, and paint on the wall. Our Impact Windows prevent them from fading and discoloration due to their special configuration and the materials used in them.

Reduction of Noise

Installing Impact Windows are the easiest ways to reduce noise from outside if you live in a noisy neighborhood like a busy intersection or a highway. Along with protecting you from flying branches and trees during the storm, our Castle Impact Windows drastically decrease the level of noise from entering your house.With their natural thickness, they minimize the number of sound vibrations that can travel inside your home from the outside.

To reduce insurance cost

Insurance companies offer discounted home insurance for people with impact windows installed in their homes as they significantly reduce the risk of harm during a storm and almost always prevent burglaries.

Impact Windows and doors substantially reduce the risk of your home being damaged during a storm or somebody entering your home and ransacking it.

To reduce energy bills

Our Impact Windows are known for their strength and energy efficiency. All our customers have made huge savings over the years by using our products as it reduced their energy bills. Our windows, with their air-tight insulation, even around the edges and corners, help them keep the cool air inside during summer and warm air during the few cool and chilly nights we get in Florida.

Impact Windows provide you with a seal around your house, which significantly helps you in regulating the temperature around your home and different rooms, along with providing you with easy options to open them to let the air in during those warm summer evenings.

Increased Resale value

Impact windows and doors are the most secure and sought-after features in a house by any homebuyer. You can be sure, and any prospective homebuyer will be glad that you have installed such a secure and quality product in your home, immediately marking-up the value of your house in their eyes.

Installing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale will add a lot of value to your house by making it energy-efficient and secure, all the while maintaining its beauty.

Benefits of Impact Windows

Impact windows can provide a world of benefits beyond protection and security from flying branches and intruders. Our Energy Star rating windows and doors are renowned for their security and energy efficiency.

They reduce your energy bills significantly. Also, they will make your house better insulated, preventing noise and UV lights from the outside, getting in while keeping the temperature inside the house regulated the way you want it to be. They also prevent intruders from breaking in, significantly reducing your property damage insurance costs.

Impact Windows are energy efficient

We do not take energy efficiency lightly. With the raising awareness about climate change and its chilling effects we see every season, saving energy and using it efficiently has become paramount. Our Impact doors and windows reduce your energy bills. However, they also prevent damage to the environment by reducing the amount of electricity you consume to control the temperature inside your house, making it a highly economical and effective tool to live pleasantly and not burn a hole in your pocket while doing it.

Secured Home

Our doors and windows are made using ballistic grade materials, which are not easy to break or pry open. With characteristics like crack resistance and shatterproof durability, Castle Impact Windows also use tough locks which cannot be jimmied open, preventing your house and valuables from burglars and thieves. They secure your homes from all kinds of threats like flying branches, intruders, UV light, among others, and they are the most cost-effective option with a ton of long-term benefits.

Why are we the Best in Providing Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale?

Authorized distributor of Top manufacturers

In our years of providing quality service and products to our customers, we have ensured that we partner with only the top manufacturers of impact-resistant windows and doors. Our manufacturing partners adhere to the highest quality standards during the manufacturing process, making sure you only get the best products that have gone through the most rigorous quality checks.


We are a Certified General Contractor in Fort Lauderdale, fully accountable for the work we do without relying on anyone outside the organization to vouch for our company, a practice prevalent in the industry. Castle Impact Windows has been here for a long time, fixing people’s windows and providing quality service for decades now.

Custom Impact Windows

We at Customer Impact Windows believe in providing 100% satisfaction to our customers and hence, offer a range of custom-made products that fit the style, needs, and structure of your house. Our free consultation expert in Fort Lauderdale will show you a wide selection of choices for your windows, doors, frames, and tints among other things like the color of the tint, the shape of the handle or the width of the frames or glass to be used, making it a truly custom job.

We help during renovation

Doors and windows in a house are some of the most striking enhancements you can make in your home. They save you a ton of money on electricity and insurance bills, all the while providing you with a safe sanctuary against storms and intruders alike, the deal becomes positively irresistible to get.

A renovated house with our impact-resistant windows and doors will always get you a better deal than a run-down, ramshackle house with old and dilapidated windows. With our years of experience renovating and securing properties, we are here to help you in your glorious journey of renovating your house.

Affordable Pricing

Castle Impact Windows offers you the most competitive prices on the market as we pass-on the benefits of our volume discounts from our manufacturers on to our customers, giving you the best prices available. We keep our overheads low and work efficiently as an organization to keep costs down for our customers, ensuring you only pay for the best service in the industry.

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FAQs in Impact windows

Castle Impact Windows has tie-ups with some of the best names in manufacturing innovative low emissivity glass (commonly referred to as Low-E glass) windows and doors. Our products are manufactured after years of rigorous research, and our findings enable us to make the best possible configurations that significantly improve energy efficiency in your doors and windows.

So forget the days when visibility was compromised to save electricity and secure your house, install windows and doors from Castle Impact Windows to get a crystal-clear view from your home, even with the windows closed!

Can you explain the U Factor?

U-factor is a measure of how adept your windows and doors are in keeping heat inside the house. A low U-factor of a window indicates greater resistance to heat flow and better insulating properties, making them extremely suitable for blocking heat transfer, keeping your house insulated from the outside temperature.

Low U-factor windows and doors are essential for cooling dominated climates present in South Florida, where temperatures can touch the sky during summers.

Characteristics like low U-factor windows combined with a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC – the value of heat going into the house) value is the most energy-efficient and insulating impact windows you can opt for in your house.

Will windows leak during a storm?

With our expert craftsmanship and years of experience installing windows and doors, we make sure your windows and doors are extremely well fitted to the structure of your house. We pay a great deal of attention in making sure that any possible gap in the nook and crannies of your newly installed doors and windows are closed and air-tight, ensuring they do not leak during the heaviest of storms.

However, wind speed, its direction, and the volume of rain during a thunderstorm do contribute to the occasional leak where our excellent after-sales service comes in to prevent any further damage.

Will my impact window break when it is hit by something?

The innovative design of our products and the materials used in their manufacturing process prevent them from breaking or shattering on impact from most heavy and flying objects you would expect to be flying around during the storm season. Nonetheless, if the products are hit with projectiles exceeding their strength threshold, they might possibly break. If that happens, the extra-strength film coating the glass will prevent the whole window or door from shattering and prevent sharp shards of glass from flying around during a storm.

Can I save money by installing nonregular impact windows?

Installing nonregular impact windows and doors, which are simply old-style windows and doors, are no longer the economical option anymore. They do not offer any great savings which a regular impact window or door offers in terms of security from nature and man alike, ease of access and operation along with great visibility. Instead, they are clumsy to use, easily compromised, and a pain to maintain without providing any of the cost savings like reduced electricity or insurance bill.

On top of that, building codes now allow old fashioned windows to be installed in your house only if you had shutters installed after September 1, 1994, with a permit on record.

If your existing shutters were installed before 1994, building codes would require you to upgrade the shutters according to the latest codes. The cost of upgrading your shutters, along with installing non-impact windows, would burn a hole in your pocket without any of the cost savings. So, the choice is yours!

How will I know which type of storm impact window will be best for my home?

The project manager assigned to you during the free consultation will be readily available with samples to show how each type of window and door locks and how they operate. She/he will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding your priorities while getting your new impact windows installed.

Give me a strong reason as to why I should replace my standard windows with storm impact windows?

The most substantial reason as to why you should replace your standard windows with storm impact windows is to provide better and holistic protection to your family and belongings during the storm season. Impact windows hold up better during hurricane season with its gale-force winds and incessant rains.

If your house is in a hurricane-prone area, an investment in Impact Windows and Doors can save you from a bunch of worries in the future. It will keep you residential and commercial property safe from the outside elements while keeping the ambiance inside your house the way you want it to be, cold in the summers and normal during the few chilly nights Florida gets. Along with that, it will help you keep your electricity and insurance bills down.

Is my home value affected by storm impact windows?

Absolutely! Installing impact doors and windows in your house will significantly increase the resale value of your home, along with making it more attractive to prospective buyers. Along with protecting you and your family from outside elements, Impact doors and windows are great in reducing your energy and insurance costs. They are great insulators, automatically helping you consume less energy to keep your house warm or cold according to your desires.

“I purchased my shutters in 2007 I live in the Caribbean, the island of Anguilla to be specific my shutters stood up to Irma and this is a testament to the quality I have since recommended this product to others here in the Caribbean”

Allan C. Island of Anguilla  

“You are doing everything right. Can’t think of anything that needs improvement. Very pleased”

H. Lee, Lake Worth, FL  

“I’ve used you guys twice. I’d use you again in the future. You do great work, in a timely fashion. Thanks for a great job!!”

D. Pruss, Lake Worth, FL