Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters


Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

Beaches and sunshine are probably the first things you think about when you hear Florida. But along with the beautiful weather we experience down here comes hurricane season.As homeowners in Florida, we have two options when it comes to protecting our windows and doors during hurricane season – hurricane shutters and impact windows. Hurricane shutters and impact windows offer ideal protection against the fierce winds of a hurricane. But which is best for your home? Keep reading as we go over both types of hurricane protection.Impact WindowsOne of the biggest pros to having impact windows is that they offer year-round protection for your home, without having to do anything once installed. Snow bird that goes back north for the dreadful hot summer? No problem with impact windows.But what is impact glass? Impact glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. This glass is called laminated glass, which is available in insulated and non-insulated versions.Laminated hurricane impact resistance glass offers superior protection from high speed winds and flying debris during Category 5 hurricanes. When the glass is impacted by flying debris it will probably shatter or fragment, but the pieces will remain attached to the inner membrane along with the window frame, preventing the glass or object from entering your home.Impact resistant windows have many benefits. No work when a storm is approaching. Allows light in so you aren’t stuck in the dark while riding out the storm in your home. And lastly, but very important; impact windows are energy efficient and could help lower your utility bills while cutting down on all the noise outside of your home. Folding ShuttersOne of the more cost-effective options in hurricane protection. These hurricane shutters are mounted on the outside of the home around the openings of windows and doors. They stay permanently attached to the structure of your home and can be closed up in a matter of minutes when there is a storm approaching.Accordion shutters are less likely to be damaged, and if they are damaged, they can be repaired without having to replace the window and frame in its entirety. Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of both products, but you still might be wondering how to decide. Give us a call here Castle Impact Windows and we will have one of our project managers come out and give you a free estimate on how to best protect your home.

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Allan C. Island of Anguilla  

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