Important Facts About Hurricane Windows


Important Facts About Hurricane Windows

The most notable factor that makes hurricane windows exceptional is their shatter-resistant glass held in place by a heavy-duty frame. Unlike traditional windows, hurricane windows in Jupiter are made of two layers of glass for double the protection!However, just because these windows are shatter-resistant, doesn’t mean that something hard enough won’t cause any damage. The glass can still be shattered, but it will be caught by a polyvinyl butyral layer connecting the two sheets of glass. This polyvinyl will keep all of the shattered glass in place so there is no mess and no worry for small children or dogs who may hurt themselves on the sharp ends.

Where can I get Hurricane windows Jupiter?

Hurricane Windows are Essential in Storm Prone Areas

Why It’s So Important

The strength and durability of hurricane windows do not only protect your family during a storm, but they may also protect your home from burglary! It can serve as an added safety feature to protect your home from someone trying to break in. Ultimately, impact windows offer permanent and complete protection for you and the ones you care about.More so, hurricane windows will spare you from the hassle of having to manually install hurricane shutters whenever there’s a storm. When you hear about a hurricane, you can focus on keeping your family healthy and prepared.

Glass Used in Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are made of either an insulated glass material or laminated impact-resistant glass. The latter type may even decrease your heating energy and air conditioning bill! Also, it improves home security protection, eliminates noise transmission, and reduces up to 99% of Ultraviolet rays.What makes an insulated glass stand out is its additional pane of glass. This added layer improves energy efficiency, which may make it a bit more expensive, but worth it in the long-term!

Where can I get Hurricane windows Jupiter?

Where to Purchase Quality Hurricane Windows in Jupiter

Are you prepared to protect yourself and your family all year round? What extra precautions do you have in store for your home? For more information on why hurricane impact windows may be perfect for you, contact Castle Impact Windows today!

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