Is It Possible to Combine Shutters and Impact Windows?


Is It Possible to Combine Shutters and Impact Windows?

In locations prone to extreme weather and those considered "wind-borne debris regions," selecting the suitable hurricane shutters in Broward County for your house or business is critical for keeping your property and the people within safe. For many homeowners, the choice between hurricane impact windows and shutters is a no-brainer. When deciding which product is best for their lifestyle demands, homeowners must examine a variety of aspects, ranging from convenience to overall efficacy.

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Impact Windows with Hurricane Shutters: A Comparison

Impact Windows Just Need to be Installed Once

When you opt to install impact glass, you must completely replace your windows; there is no coating that can provide the same level of protection over existing glass. Furthermore, impact windows have sturdier framing, so that will need to be replaced.

The Most Effective Defense

If you have hurricane impact windows, your home's envelope will remain intact even if it is smashed with a piece of metal. An impact, on the other hand, can cause the air pressure to grow, allowing other windows, walls, or roofs to collapse.

Hurricane Shutters Advantages for Your Home

You’re Always Prepared

You won't have to worry about whether or not you should go to the hardware shop to see whether they have any plywood boards remaining to nail over your windows once you've installed shutters. Rather, keep an eye on the weather forecast and close the shutters as soon as a storm threatens.

You Won’t Endanger Your Residence

If you wait until the last minute to prepare for a storm, your only alternative may be to nail boards over your windows, causing damage to the outside of your home and holes that you will have to repair later. Whatever you choose, we will be there for you. We will make certain that your requirements are met. We welcome any questions you may have about finding a safe and suitable home.

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Need Assistance with Hurricane Shutters in Broward County?

Get a free estimate for a complete hurricane protection solution with Castle Impact Windows. If you’re interested in having hurricane shutters or impact windows installed on your home, call us to talk to an expert about what may suit your needs.

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