Is There a Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows?


Is There a Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows?

Because Florida homes need to withstand hurricanes, homeowners have traditionally given great consideration to window choices. It should come as no surprise that hurricane windows in Florida are needed. They need to be stronger and more flexible than standard glass panes.  

When remodeling or constructing a new home, it's crucial to pick windows that can withstand the climate. One issue often emerges when shopping for windows is: What distinguishes impact windows from hurricane windows? Impact and hurricane windows are two different objects, but they are frequently used interchangeably.  

Impact-resistant glass, a descendant of safety glass technology, gave birth to impact windows. Impact windows have a thicker overall pane and use many layers of glass and laminate to increase the windows' durability, unlike hurricane windows, which typically have one or two layers of laminate PVB. Moreover, impact windows can sustain a wind-blown lawn chair because they are thicker, heavier, and less flexible than hurricane windows.  

shattered regular windows because they are not hurricane windows in Florida

Impact Windows Versus Hurricane Windows  

Impact Windows  

Both hurricane and impact windows are wind-resistant thanks to the plastic coating on safety glass. These windows can withstand impact pressure during the upcoming storm. Impact windows, however, provide more protection from the direct force. When exposed to flying patio furniture at high velocity, an impact window is more likely to flex and scuff than a hurricane window. The latter will break like regular glass but fall like safety glass.  

Hurricane Windows  

This type of window was created because glass windows were found to fracture severely during high-wind storms. Laminated PVB holds one or more layers of hurricane windows together. By adding flexibility, windows can flex slightly in strong gusts without breaking. If hurricane windows do break from an impact, the lamination holds to the glass to prevent it from shattering into a potentially hazardous spray of shards and causing the glass to fall.  

several hurricane windows in Florida

Are You Looking for Quality Hurricane Windows in Florida?  

Flexibility is provided by the thin laminate layer holding the glass panes together. In contrast to windows that are glass only, which would break or crack in the presence of strong gusts of wind, the panes of hurricane and impact windows will bend within the frames. Contact us right away if you want assistance.

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