Key Features and Advantages of Accordion Shutters


Key Features and Advantages of Accordion Shutters

When a tropical storm or hurricane is coming your way, the last thing you need to worry about is your home’s safety. Broward hurricane shutters, such as an accordion shutter, are an ideal solution for those searching for reliable and easy-to-install debris, rain, and wind barriers. To know more about accordion shutters, below are the key features and advantages.

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Why Install Accordion Shutters in your Home?


Accordion shutters are a stylistic, long-lasting, and space-saving storm protection option, whether you’re planning to install them in your home or business establishment. These hurricane shutters are custom-fit to windows and doors of all sizes.Also, the best thing about accordion shutters is their design with an industrial-strength, weather-resistant material. Additionally, they can be mounted on either side of your entryway. Hence, it takes up less space.


Protection and cost are the ultimate reasons why most homeowners install accordion shutters in their home. This type of shutter is installed around the perimeter of your window and usually serves as the first line of defense when there is a tropical storm or hurricane. It will protect your home against flying debris and rigorous wind. Likewise, it is constructed to have a design that will deflect wind in another direction. Accordion shutters also come with additional security features that can protect your home from burglars and thieves.As for the cost of installing accordion shutters, this type is a practical solution if you have already installed your home with standard windows. Replacing your average windows with impact windows will cost you a lot. Hence, your best solution is to install accordion shutters for an added protection. In this way, you won’t have to replace the windows you just ordered.

who are the best Broward hurricane shutters?

Protect your Home with Broward Hurricane Shutters

If you’ve already installed standard windows in your home, getting accordion shutters will protect your home from debris and strong wind without compromising its style! At Castle Impact Windows, our hurricane shutters have an understated style to complement any establishment. To choose the perfect accordion shutters for your home, contact us through this link!

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