Materials Hurricane Shutters are Made Of


Materials Hurricane Shutters are Made Of

Are you planning to purchase hurricane shutters for your home or business? Before buying anything, it’s important to know which material is best for your property. Hurricane shutters in Jupiter, FL, are generally made out of polycarbonate plastic, steel, aluminum, or plywood. There are also Lexan panels that may be corrugated or flat in shape. These are transparent and highly known for their impact resistance feature.Let’s take a look into the different types of hurricane shutters and what they are made of.

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Types of Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Shutters

In every hurricane shutter, panels are attached to the structure using screws on tracks or in a direct mount. As for accordion shutters, these are made from interlocking vertical blades that gently move horizontally in place. They are made out of steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate plastic.

Roll-Up Shutters

Another common type of hurricane shutter is rolling or roll-up shutters. They possess a combination of slats that form a curtain with every side being inserted into the guide rails. Roll-up shutters come with housing so you can roll them onto an axle and hide them when not needed.The rolling mechanism is designed with a manual and automatic operation. Specifically, you can manually operate the gear or override the automatic feature. If you have motorized rolling shutters, they can be operated by either a remote or switch and can be controlled individually or as a whole.

hurricane shutters jupiter fl

Other Types of Hurricane Shutter in Jupiter, FL

Aside from the common hurricane shutters mentioned earlier, there are many other types you may not be familiar with. These are the Tapco, Colonials, and Bahamas hurricane shutters.Tapco is designed with heavy-duty aluminum frames and powder coated to provide a beautiful touch. Colonials are also made of aluminum and are similar to wooden shutters. Lastly, Bahamas hurricane shutters are attached above the window and are brought down when needed.To know more about Tapco, Colonials, and Bahamas hurricane shutters, contact Castle Impact Windows today!

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