Tips on How to Restore an Old House with Replacement Windows


Tips on How to Restore an Old House with Replacement Windows

Old houses are considered potentially highly valuable and worth restoring if they were built between 1900 and 1960 – or the pre-war structures. However, these houses usually come with a load of problems, such as lack of heating, an old electrical system, termites, lead paint, or a rotting foundation.It’s important to know that in the 1900’s, houses were built on the ground with no reinforcement (which is the standard today) and the wood used followed no standard. This is because the building code and standardization of building materials was only introduced in the 1950s – around the same time that indoor plumbing and electricity became the norm.According to investors, buying an old house and restoring it is one way to increase its value. However, restoration must be done in accordance to the history of the house. Therefore, placing modern windows is a big no-no, but installing heating and proper plumbing is a must-do.Historic windows are usually repaired, restored or replaced by professionals, expert DIY-ers, and history buffs. Otherwise, you end up with an incongruent aesthetic and the value will automatically drop. Why pay particular attention to windows? All experts will agree that the windows of a house are the “eyes of a house” and define the character of the structure. Companies like Castle Impact Windows have the skills and experience to handle this kind of window replacement, which will improve the energy efficiency of the house while keeping the aesthetics true to its historical period and value.Antique windows are made of parts unlike the new windows of today which are constructed as one unit. Thus, while it will take more time and skill to replace the original windows, it is not impossible. With Castle Impact Windows, you get a custom-made replacement window that will fit exactly right and look like the original window – except it will last much longer and hold up against the elements much better than any other window replacement service.Why It Makes Sense to Replace with Custom-MadeTrying to repair the window will not help with your energy efficiency. And there is the possibility that repairing one part will mean that one day not in the far future, another section of the old window will give out – and another – and another. The repairs and restorations are not likely to end for a very long time. As a homeowner, you know these kinds of problems usually happen when you least expect them – at the most inconvenient time. With a quality replacement job, the job is done in a day and then you can rest easy for the next 20 years or so – at least for that one window!A DIY project for a valuable antique house is a gambling risk especially if you are not experienced working with old houses. The number one rule in restoration is there is no one size-fits-all window solution especially for old houses. Professionals know that replacing or repairing windows in an old house means checking for clues that would keep the character of the house with a strict attention to detail.

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