Top Reasons Why Hurricane Windows Are the Best


Top Reasons Why Hurricane Windows Are the Best

Is there a marketing gimmick when it comes to hurricane windows in Florida? Some individuals would prefer to believe so, possibly because they are unfamiliar with hurricane windows or have been deceived by imposters. Understanding the pros and cons of hurricane windows can help you decide if they are the best and most practical option for your home.

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Five Interesting Facts About Hurricane Windows

There Is a Minimum Standard for Hurricane Windows

Compliance with glazing, leakage, weather resistance, and construction reliability are among the minimal requirements. Hurricane windows must pass more demanding laboratory testing, including resistance to flying debris, wind speed, and structural wind load, in addition to these fundamental requirements.

Hurricane Windows Should Be Able to Withstand a Level D Missile Strike

When a nine-pound, two by four piece of debris moving at a speed of 50 feet per second hits a hurricane window, it should not break. According to the Museum of Science and Industry, a depression's wind speed ranges from 20 to 39 miles per hour, or 0.01 miles per second, implying that the hurricane window should be able to withstand sustained winds of 136 miles per hour, or 0.04 miles per second.

Performance of Hurricane Windows

Aside from hurricane windows' impact resistance, factors like installation, construction, leakage, design pressure, and wind behavior influence how much pressure they can safely handle. This is why it's critical to have your impact-resistant windows installed by a professional.

There Are Hurricane Windows That Are Not Guaranteed by Building Rules

To inspect the product, request a test certificate and seek an authentic mark indicating that it is hurricane-resistant. Never trust a salesperson's pitch because every product must have a seal or product approval. If you reside in an apartment complex or condominium and want to be sure the windows are hurricane-resistant, contact the building manager or owner for a copy of the building permit or certification.

Different Types of Protection Are Provided by Hurricane Window Systems

Some windows are water-resistant, while others are heat-resistant. There are hurricane windows that are designed to boost security, as well as windows that are purely aesthetic.

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Get Hurricane Windows in Florida

When requesting this type of window, you need to be more specific. Do you wish to be protected from the elements, such as wind, water, heat, or debris? Or do you want everything? Castle Impact Windows is a market leader in terms of hurricane windows, expert installation, and after-sales support. Our crew is always available to meet your needs and fulfil your requests! See us!

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