Types of Glass Materials in Impact Windows


Types of Glass Materials in Impact Windows

Choosing the correct impact-resistant glass material for your impact windows in West Palm Beach can make a difference. Your standard options are insulated laminated glass or laminated glass material. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two materials.

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Laminated Glass vs. Insulated Glass Material

Laminated Impact-Resistant Glass

This type of material is composed of an inter-layer bond and two different sheets of glass. It is one of the most common hurricane barriers that are designed to create impact-resistant windows. These are the same variety as the glass used in making the windshields of cars. The only difference is that when used in impact windows, the manufacturers include a thicker glass variety with a special film interlayer, making it even more durable than your car’s windshield.Some of the advantages of using laminated glass materials in impact windows are the following:

  • Reduces up to 99% of Ultraviolet rays
  • Eliminates noise transmission
  • Improves home security protection
  • Decreases your heating energy and air conditioning bill

Insulated Glass Material

This material is somehow the same as those mentioned above. The only difference is that it has an additional pane of glass to improve energy efficiency, making it more expensive than the previous glass material. Insulated glass material allows your impact windows in West Palm Beach to regulate the temperature difference.

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Things to Consider When Buying Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

Besides the glass material of your window, you also need to consider whether you want glass tints or low-E coating tints. Tinted windows are manufactures to absorb solar radiation from the sun, making your home feel light and cooler. To know more about impact windows, contact Castle Impact Windows today!

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