Upgrade Your Home with Beautiful Interior French Doors


Upgrade Your Home with Beautiful Interior French Doors

French doors were initially used on balconies when it was introduced in the Renaissance period in France. It became so popular it soon spread to homes in England by the end of the 17th century. Renaissance architecture is known for its emphasis on proportion, light, geometry, and regularity. The French drew the inspiration for the French doors from Roman architecture and were used in balconies because it allowed more light to come into the rooms and hallways at a time when there was no electricity.Today, French doors are used randomly, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and of course, balconies, and dining and living rooms. The effects of French doors are crisp, clean and stylish lines that allow natural light in while maintaining a semblance of privacy and intimacy. In fact, like a shower door, French doors become a space saver as well since you can request for sliding French doors and the effect is a fantastic design trick to make your bathroom look much more prominent!Quick Tips on French Doors

  • Don’t be limited by the classic design. A proper window supplier will be able to offer you different options. From barn door looks to steel-framed French doors; from all-glass to as many internal muntins as you want!
  • Castle Impact Windows offers French doors with removable grills, and classic brass finish door handles. Door handles can make or break the overall appeal of your doors!
  • Since French doors are vulnerable to break-ins because of the glass feature, you can and should think about special security glass and heavy-duty security locks
  • Don’t be swayed by the appearance only. Consider the door frame and structure. Make sure the quality is not compromised in any way.

More Advantages of French DoorsOn top of the aesthetic and visual value of French doors, this particular kind of door is also easy to match with any other design elements. As replacement doors, you won’t have to worry about much spending more on renovations just to make the rest of the interior look just as good as the French doors. A quick paint job and fixture replacements and you should be ready to show off your new doors!And then there’s the ultimate question of most homeowners: French doors look expensive! How much do they cost? You’ll be shocked and surprised to find out that French doors are quite flexible cost-wise – affordable! Just request a consultation with our team. They are always willing to help property owners find a suitable fit at a friendly price.Finally, for stylishly classic doors, you can be sure that this kind of door design will stay relevant, fresh, and in style for many, many years. They are in one word – timeless!

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