What are the Cost and Advantages of Impact Windows?


What are the Cost and Advantages of Impact Windows?

Windows that are advertised as stormproof or hurricane impact windows in West Palm Beach are built and designed with high impact-resistant glass. The glass is made with either an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. Although this impact-resistant glass can be affected by strong-flying objects, the window frame and inner membrane will remain attached.


Do the Advantages Outweigh the Cost?


Even though ordinary windows can be shatter-resistant because of the added surface membrane, these are not of the same degree of quality as what impact windows can offer. Additionally, when impact windows break, these windows shatter in a fine, spider-web pattern. Your family or anyone in your house will feel secure as the impact won’t send out flying glass pieces.Among the known benefits that impact windows in West Palm Beach can offer are the following:

  • Can reduce homeowner’s costs for about 45% only because of the quality of windows you have
  • Designed to block transmitted ultraviolet light
  • Delivers exceptional insulation when it comes to sound
  • You can choose from a wide array of sizes and shapes
  • No flying broken or shattered glass
  • Can withstand wind up to 200 mph


Impact windows in West Palm Beach may boost your overall construction cost. However, it is an excellent investment, especially when you’re located in a storm or hurricane-prone areas. As stated earlier, these types of windows can reduce homeowner’s costs, making it a bit cost-efficient on your end. Prices may differ but if you are curious about pricing give us a call today.


Secure your Home with Impact Windows in West Palm Beach

Castle impact windows admit that no glass is completely break-proof. However, we guarantee you that our windows are stormproof and hurricane resistant. Book an appointment today!

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