What Can a Hurricane Door Withstand?


What Can a Hurricane Door Withstand?

When hurricane season arrives, many homeowners in hurricane-prone areas begin discussing impact windows and hurricane doors in FL. Should you invest in them? Are they worth it? Aren’t they a little too much? Another question that comes up from time to time is, "Can hurricane doors endure a Category 5 storm?"

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Understanding Hurricane Doors

How Can a Hurricane Door Protect Your Home?

Hurricane doors, of course, are built to survive hurricanes and other severe weather, and they're put through rigorous testing with storm simulations to assure their strength and quality. They're extremely durable and designed to endure the force of a large hit, but they're not completely unbreakable.

What Would Happen if Your Door Was Breached During a Hurricane?

A blown-out door, garage door, or window caused by a hurricane can spell trouble for your property. High winds, rain, and extra debris entering your home after a hole has been formed can harm walls, furnishings, and more. When the storm passes, securely closed doors can help ensure that your home is still in good standing.

Non-Storm Reasons to Get Hurricane Impact Doors

Increased Protection and Improved Style

If you're thinking about replacing your front door, you should think about an impact-resistant door. A new storm-resistant front door will not only increase the exterior appeal of your property but will also provide better protection from hurricanes and invaders.

Safer Against Home Invasion

Criminals commonly gain access to homes by forcing open a front or back door or shattering the decorative glass on a door that is close enough to the handle.An impact door is built to withstand powerful blows and remain intact even when large things are thrown at it. On impact-rated doors, decorative glass inserts are created with specialty glass that can withstand a heavy impact without shattering. Impact doors are the finest choice for storm protection as well as protection from potential attackers because of these features.

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Looking for Hurricane Doors in FL?

Are you ready to replace your front door with an impact door? Leave the hurricane door selection and installation to the specialists to ensure your family's safety. Contact us today to learn more about all of the security features that modern impact windows have to offer.

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