What Material Is in Hurricane Shutters?


What Material Is in Hurricane Shutters?

Several materials can be used to create hurricane shutters in Broward County. They are primarily made of either metal or aluminum. But there is also a clear plastic option available for some types of shutters. Whatever the construction material, the shutters must comply with and apply the standards in Florida building laws. Otherwise, they might be unable to safeguard your house or place of business adequately. Hurricane shutters can be created from many materials, including plywood and textiles. Depending on the material used, how they are built, how they are fastened together, and how they are designed, will tell if they may or may not be able to resist hurricanes.

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Different Materials Used in Hurricane Shutters


Most people don't know this, but there are also options for fabric hurricane shutters. For instance, the reinforced soft-sided cloth of DuPont KEVLAR® is used to make Eurex ArmorPanel shutters. This substance has incredible strength. In addition, it is flexible and lightweight, making installation simple—even in challenging situations.


Some types of shutters can be constructed of plastic. Polycarbonate, transparent, lightweight plastic with good impact and heat resistance, is typically the type of plastic utilized. The significant advantage of plastic is that it's see-through, making translucent shutters possible. Because they are clear, they allow the light to shine through. This solves the issue of a completely dark house during a power outage. Roll-down, accordion, and storm panel shutters are a few examples of shutters with popular plastic designs.


Metal is used to make shutters because it is a robust and long-lasting material. The disadvantage is that metal is heavier than plastic and aluminum. It is also susceptible to corrosion over time, but anti-corrosion coatings can lessen this. That is why manufacturers explored the possibility of using aluminum instead of heavy metal. Moreover, aluminum is lighter than metal but equally robust and resilient. This enables the use of hurricane shutters, which can defend your property from hurricanes but are easier to handle and install. Furthermore, unlike metal, aluminum doesn't rust. This aids in preventing the shutters from deteriorating over time. Storm panels, which are also the most affordable choice, are hurricane shutters that are often made of aluminum. Roll shutters, accordion shutters, and other types of shutters are built with aluminum.

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