What to Expect When Installing New Impact Doors


What to Expect When Installing New Impact Doors

Installing new impact doors in Boca Raton can significantly enhance your home’s security, energy efficiency, and storm resistance. This step-by-step guide outlines what to expect during installation, ensuring you’re well-prepared and the project is completed smoothly.

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A Closer Looking at the Installation Process

Preparation and Initial Assessment

  • Site Inspection: Before installation begins, a professional will visit your home to assess the site. This inspection is crucial to identify any structural challenges and take precise measurements. It ensures the new doors fit perfectly, avoiding any future problems with alignment or sealing.
  • Choosing the Right Doors: Select doors that match your home’s architectural style and meet local building codes for wind resistance. Consider factors like material, design, and energy efficiency ratings. This decision is crucial in areas like Boca Raton, where weather conditions demand robust protection.
  • Scheduling the Installation: Coordinate with the installation team for a suitable date. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the timeline and any preparations you need to make, such as clearing the area or securing pets.

The Installation Process

  • Removing Old Doors: The team will carefully remove existing doors. This step must be handled carefully to prevent damage to the structural frame and surrounding areas.
  • Installing New Impact Doors: Installers will fit the new doors to ensure they’re level and anchored. This involves precise work to ensure all seals are airtight and operational mechanisms function smoothly.
  • Finishing Touches: After installing the doors, final adjustments are made to ensure optimal performance. This includes testing the locking mechanisms and making any necessary alignments.


  • Cleanup and Final Inspection: The installation team will clean up the work area, removing old doors and installation debris. A final inspection will ensure everything meets your satisfaction and that the doors function as expected.
  • Review Maintenance and Care Tips: It’s best to understand how to maintain and care for your new impact doors. The team should provide tips on how to keep the doors in top condition and information on warranties or services that are available.
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Do You Want to Install Impact Doors in Boca Raton?

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