What's the Difference Between Regular and Impact Windows?


What's the Difference Between Regular and Impact Windows?

Every time a storm is coming, people often nail plywood over their windows. Although this can protect the windows, it's not the best way to prevent them from getting damaged or breaking. In areas prone to hurricanes and high winds, the people living in such areas know the importance of installing impact windows FL. If you're planning to purchase this window, it is essential that you know how to distinguish a regular window from a window with an impact-resistant feature.


Difference Between Impact Windows and Regular Windows


The most distinguishable factor between impact windows and regular windows is the shatter-resistant glass. It is firmly fastened to a heavy-duty frame. Unlike traditional windows, impact windows FL are composed of 2 layers of glass. A polyvinyl butyral layer securely attaches these pieces of glass. Through this layer, the shattered glass will remain on the inner or outer layer of the window.


Once regular windows break, the shattered glass will scatter inside your home and may even hit someone. With impact windows FL, the outer or inner glass may crack, but it will not negatively affect you, your family, or your home.


Choose Exceptional Impact Windows FL from Castle Impact Windows

In purchasing impact windows, examine the reflection of the glass and look for any markings or labels. You have to check the glass for temporary markings since most impact windows have a label in the corners. Finally, try to look for a permanent label indicating the supplier's name, safety standards, certifications, thickness, manufacturing date, place of fabrication, etc.At Castle Impact Windows, we guarantee your safety by assuring you that our products are of high-quality. Contact us today!

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