When a Window Breaks During a Storm, What Should You Do?


When a Window Breaks During a Storm, What Should You Do?

Hurricanes are frightening storms, and if you haven't been evacuated or have chosen not to go, you may be unsure of what to expect. It is critical to be as ready as possible. If you don't have hurricane windows in Boca Raton, you never know what can happen. Wind and rain can enter the home if debris enters through a window, and the pressure can quickly grow. A lot of harm may be done in a short amount of time. What should you do if you're at home during a hurricane and a window breaks?

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What to Do If a Window Breaks During a Hurricane

In the event that a window breaks down in the middle of a storm, here's what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe:

Move to Another Room

If you're still in the room where the window shattered, get out of there; if one window breaks, there's a good chance that others will as well; and if you have one, go to an interior room with no windows, such as a closet or bathroom, or even a basement if you have one. The storm may roar outside, but you'll be safer if you stay away from any windows.

Quick-Fix or Seal It Right Away

If it's safe to do so during a storm break, you should cover the window with something as soon as possible. Make use of some boards to keep the storm winds and rain out. It may not be ideal, but it may be sufficient to prevent more damage to your property. If you don't have anything to patch the window with, attempt to isolate the damage to that portion of the home by sealing the room off as best you can. Close the door to the bathroom if it's in there, and try to keep it out of the rest of the home.

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Install Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton

Hurricanes should never be underestimated. Take advantage of the opportunity to install hurricane windows so you won’t have to deal with a broken mess during the storm. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at Castle Impact Windows.

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