When to Put Up Hurricane Shutters


When to Put Up Hurricane Shutters

Hurricanes are one of the many violent storms on the planet. The strong winds can cause inconceivable damage to homes and other structures, but luckily, you usually have plenty of time to make proper preparations. So, installing hurricane shutters in Broward County is always a good choice if you want to protect yourself and your home from potentially disastrous effects. But do you have any clue about when to put up your hurricane shutters? Here’s a simple guide on when to install them.

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The Right Time to Install Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Season

Before anything else, you need to check to see when hurricane season starts. Normally, hurricane season will begin on June 1 and end on November 30. However, there are moments when hurricanes form out of season, so it’s always important to be prepared for the unexpected.Before the incoming season starts, you should check to see if you have everything you need. Aside from shutters, you can also employ additional hurricane mitigation strategies that will strengthen the protection of your home, such as bringing in patio furniture and other lightweight items.

Hurricane Watch

Often, hurricane watches are issued around 48 hours before the hurricane makes landfall. This does not necessarily mean that it will result in a direct hit, however it is close enough that precautions need to be taken. You should probably begin thinking about putting your shutters up when you receive tropical storm watches, as these often precede the hurricane watches.

Where can I find Hurricane shutters broward county?

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