Why You Should Have a Storm Door


Why You Should Have a Storm Door

The storm door is an extra layer of security that is installed in front of your front door. It mainly protects the inner main door from bad weather, flying debris, insects, and make it harder for unwanted individuals to access the inner sanctum of your private and personal space.Unfortunately, unless you have been in the middle of a very strong storm or natural calamity, it’s hard to understand the fear you feel when your front door suddenly gets swept away just like what happened recently in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California where many homes and commercial buildings were damaged from a mudslide rendering them inhabitable. For many property owners, the front doors got unhinged and were carried away by the force of the mud and water and they had no choice but to evacuate.Can storm doors keep you and your family safe? Most definitely you will have a higher chance of keeping all your loved ones safer because you have two front doors, and the door that will take the most abuse will be the storm door. The storm door is designed to take abuse. It can handle hard debris, rushing water, persistent intruders, and vicious winds.The storm door is a low-cost security option. You can even pick the material for your storm door, with aluminum, wood, or fiberglass as the most common choices. You can also have the door customized to fit your main entrance perfectly, add screen or glass to match your façade and exterior design. Typically, a storm door has a life span of 50 years.The reasons the storm door is a sound investment plan are:

  1. Protects your main entrance, not just from external forces like wind, rain, and debris, but also helps keep your main door from getting tarnished, scarred, or damaged from overexposure to the elements.
  2. Since the storm door is a buffer door to your main door, you add a top layer to your entry area. This benefits you because you can keep hot or cold air in and/or prevent hot/cold air from coming in. In other words, you will see a marked improvement in energy consumption, especially since storm doors usually have that low emissivity glass coating that reduces energy loss by as much as 15%.

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