Window Maintenance: House Maintenance Costs Eating Into your Budget? Smart Tips to Consider


Window Maintenance: House Maintenance Costs Eating Into your Budget? Smart Tips to Consider

Window maintenance is both a fixed and variable maintenance cost. It falls under fixed costs because you have to spend on cleaning materials to keep your windows looking great. Fortunately, this cost is minimal since the cleaning materials for windows can be used to clean other parts or rooms in your house. Window maintenance can also be a variable expense when you have to spend on broken mechanisms, cracked glass, or damage to the frame. Unfortunately this expense can turn into a fixed cost if you fail to get a permanent or semi-permanent fix. In short, the windows keep needing repairs.One of the myths about house maintenance has to do with repairs. Unless you’re really good at it, don’t do major repairs on your own. Here’s the big secret: learn to splurge on the essentials so they don’t nickel and dime you anymore. Windows, for instance, should be replaced if the repairs are not minor. Just add up the cost of labor (not a one-time cost if the repair job is poorly done), cost of materials, and other expenses like your time, gas or transportation to buy the materials, etc. A professional window replacement job will take a day or a week if there are several windows to replace but those windows, if well taken care of, will not need to be replaces for at least for the next 20 to 25 years!One of the reasons why window replacement turns into an expensive project is because quite a number of homeowners look at their façade with a new eye after the windows are replaced and find other things that need fixing or sprucing. Thus, what started as a window replacement project can quickly turn into a full blown renovation – and that can be costly!If you have a tight budget, learn to train your eye to look only at the new windows and discipline yourself to plan for the next renovation after a few months. Also don’t fall for “kind” suggestions from friends, family, neighbors, or even your utility guy that “this and that has to be fixed also.” Impulsive decisions usually costs a bundle. A good tactic would be to delay any new decisions on home maintenance for at least a month.Finally, talk to us at Castle Impact Windows. We understand the concerns of most homeowners regarding window replacements and we can sit down and discuss friendly terms.

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