Window Treatments-Florida Style


Window Treatments-Florida Style

Summer has officially arrived, and the Florida heat along with it. As the temperature rises, it’s time to think about staying in the shade. Read on for tips on updating your style with window treatments that will help keep you cool. DrapesThe first thing that comes to mind when considering new window treatments is curtains. In Florida’s tropical climate, one can never go wrong with natural materials. Think cotton or bamboo. The beauty of these materials is their versatility—they can be used to create almost any look, from casual to classic. To compliment these natural materials, consider nature-inspired prints such as florals, and cool colors that allow natural light into your space while helping to block out the sun’s glare.BlindsNatural materials aren’t limited to drapes alone. The current trends include wooden blinds and hardware, and feature more creative options than just the standard vertical or horizontal blinds. For an updated look, replace vertical blinds with panel tracks. Instead of horizontal blinds, go with roller blinds. Both of these options can be made with a variety of materials, colors, and prints, creating a more unique and personal touch.ShadesSimilar to blinds but made with softer materials, shades are one of the best options for helping you control the amount of direct light entering your space. Maybe you’d like to let natural light fill a room but direct sunlight is a bit too much. Sheer solar shades may be just what you need. Or perhaps you want to be able to block out as much light as possible—simply choose a thicker, opaque fabric. In addition to giving you control over the outdoor light, these can lend a touch of art to any room by choosing bold, exotic prints. In contrast, create a calming beachy feel with soft, muted hues.ShuttersOf course we must mention shutters. Why put so much effort into the style of your interior only to neglect the exterior? Nothing says tropical style like Bermuda shutters. A classic option, these create both a traditional and exotic feel at the same time. Unlike most interior fashions, these will stay in style for many years to come. And since they’re made of durable, storm-proof aluminum, you can be sure they’ll last as long as your design tastes require.It’s important to note that each of these window treatment ideas don’t have to be used on its own. Create a layered look, such as curtains over blinds or shades. Mix bold prints with softer colors to create a pleasant contrast. Whether you go with bright and exotic, light and soothing, or a mix all your own, these tips are sure to bring the summer vibe into your space…without the glare and heat!

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