Calm Belies the Atlantic’s Long Treacherous Storm Season

Currently, we are very lucky to have a period of calm in the Atlantic Ocean. We did just have an odd earthquake 100 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida, but the skies have been clear for the last few weeks. Currently we are seeing a “heat dome” build over most of the USA. The National Hurricane Center says they do not know if the heat dome will have any impact on the hurricane formation, but warm wet air is always more conducive to stronger storms when they do form.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, a series of storms and Hurricanes keep forming and tearing across the Central Pacific. So far, these storms have been spinning out in to open water, but the odds of Hawaii and Mexico being spared decrease with each storm.

July Storm Report


Remember, the Atlantic Hurricane Season lasts to November 30, and often beyond. Traditionally, the worst storms and the ones most likely to make landfall in Florida have come between late August and early October. If you are not currently ready, with emergency supplies, now would be the best time to get your water, canned goods and batteries. Now is also the best time to inventory your hurricane protection. If you have no protection, or are only missing a couple of openings. It is critical to make arrangements to protect EVERY opening! Even a small “protected” bathroom window can blow out. Note I said blow “OUT” because the smaller the window, the greater the negative, or sucking pressure is on the opening. A single bathroom window can reach pressures over 100 pounds per square foot, so a 2 x 2 foot window can have 500 pounds of pressure pushing out, and when it blows out, your house’s “envelope” has been compromised, and the air comes in and lifts off your roof and then your entire home is destroyed. This can happen in a relatively mild Cat. 1 or Cat. 2 storm.

If you are ready with provisions and protection, sit back and enjoy the summer, if not, call us for a no pressure, no obligation evaluation of your Hurricane Protection Options. We will not try to sell you something you do not need. Our project managers are trained professionals who will help you get the best protection in the most cost effective manner.

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