Castle Impact Windows Teams Up with Ygrene Energy Fund

As one of the country’s top leader in commercial and residential clean energy financing, Ygrene Energy Fund has earned the respect and admiration of both industrial contractors and US property owners alike.

Ygrene’s Property Assessed Clean Energy program, or PACE, empowers homeowners to implement advanced energy home improvement solutions through affordable financing. And Castle Impact Window is immensely proud to now be a part of the PACE program.

Under the PACE program, over 400 local communities across the United States have benefited from the more than $1 billion private fund of Ygrene. Not a single public tax dollar or public credit was used, although, the private fund clearly supports the government’s agenda on working to improve home energy efficiency through new technologies.

The history of Ygrene began with a dream and a mission: to help build communities with energy smart homes through accessible, affordable financing. Ygrene signed agreements with many local banks to raise the funds needed to help property owners. These partnerships continue to remain strong and solid through the years creating a vast source of private funding, financial proficiency, and solidifying their mission as a financial institution.

Castle Impact Windows is a leader in its own right in the area of replacement storm windows and doors and has been in this industry for over 30 years. Their skill and fine-tuned craftsmanship in custom-made windows and doors have ably protected thousands of families through some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Economically, replacement storm windows and doors increase the value of one’s property and over the years, they will pay for themselves in the sense that the home interior will be protected from flying debris that will break through ordinary glass windows and doors during a storm.

Based on expert opinion, replacing windows with Castle Impact Windows storm windows will give you an average of 79% return on your investment. In addition, Castle Impact Windows products is one way home owners can contribute to the cause towards protecting the environment because Castle Window uses energy-friendly window frames and glass.

This new partnership between Castle Impact Windows and Ygrene Energy Fund is a harbinger of a great business relationship and everyone at Castle Impact Windows is truly excited and looks forward to working with Ygrene.




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