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Dealer Program

Since our beginning over 40 years ago, Folding Shutter Corporation (FSC) has become the most recognized name for Security and Storm protection. Our commitment to excellence in design, materials, and construction is unparalleled in the industry. Since 1969, we have specialized in Code compliant products that are tested and approved.
Our “Florida Building Code” approved products (HVHZ) are the best and have been engineered for maximum protection against Hurricanes and to protect against loss due to burglary and break-in. Our progressive designs are from the latest technology and promote energy efficiency while promoting the “Green” aspects of sustainability and resiliency. While many other Companies have re-engineered their products to the lowest common denominator, FSC has remained focused on the most important objective,Quality that features Optimal Hurricane Protection – You can see it in our product design, just look at our references! Our customers tell the rest of the story for us.
You may have already known us as the premier Company in South Florida providing protection for local Homeowners. We are proud to announce that we have a more comprehensive Dealer Program that offers our products and services throughout the Gulf/Atlantic States and throughout the other areas of Southeast & Coastal USA & Caribbean.
Our Dealer/Wholesale Department not only provides great pricing, but specializes in customer service.
We compliment our Program by offering our in-house experts that can help with design and technical assistance.

FSC can provide assistance with just about everything:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical & Design Experts on Staff
  • Complete Line of Progressive Protection Products
Our complete line of protection products now includes Accordions, Bahamas, Colonials, Removable Panels, Hurricane Screens, and Roll-ups.
Please contact us now to find out more about becoming an authorized Dealer and how we can partner together with opportunities in your area!
Gary Knelson
Sales Director
800-643-6371 ext.7674

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