Don’t Forget Perimeter Protection this Hurricane Season

We are in the heart of hurricane season and storms are starting to pop up.  When preparing your home for potential storms headed this way, it’s important to not forget about your property. Don’t wait until a storm is fast approaching to make sure your yard is storm ready.

First, walk around your property and remove all loose items. Remember, anything unsecured can be picked up by strong winds and turned into a dangerous projectile during a hurricane. Some of these items include outdoor toys, already fallen branches, potted plants, and all lawn and pool furniture.

Second, look at areas around your home that need to be cleaned, such as drains and gutters. Having clean drains and gutters will prevent water from building around your property, which in turn can help decrease the risk of flooding.

Third, check your windows and doors for leaks and cracks. If your windows and doors are not sealed properly, you are at more risk for water damage in your home. At the same time, take a walk around your home looking for cracks in the foundation. Be sure to patch any noticeable cracks.

No room to bring all of these things inside? Don’t want to bring spiders and bugs in along with the furniture? Let us show you how we can protect your patio giving you extra storage space to store all your outdoor furniture.

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