Ever Increasing Odds for a Florida Hurricane in 2016

Jon Erdman at Weather.com looks at the odds and the historical data to give us a sense of the likelihood of a hurricane making landfall in Florida. While it is not our intent to frighten anyone, an honest assessment of what 10 years without a hurricane helps us all to be prepared.

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Hurricanes do strike Florida

According to the National Hurricane Center, “40 percent of the landfalling U.S. hurricanes from 1851 to 2010 have impacted the Florida coast. That’s a total of 114 hurricanes in about 160 years.”

The odds are one will strike at a rate of more than 1 every two years. The problem is, when we have a long stretch of hurricane free seasons (there have been 66 Atlantic hurricanes since Wilma, but they have gone elsewhere), we tend to get to be complacent, right when the probability is at its highest.

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The Gamble

In the recorded history of Florida hurricanes, there has never been a stretch more than half this long when Florida has been spared a direct hit. The gambler will tell you the odds of a storm between now  and November  has never been higher, and remember, in your “stack of chips” is your home, and your family’s  safety. Be prepared, be protected, this is not the year to “let it ride.”

No one can prevent hurricanes, but YOU can be prepared.

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