Door LocksThe electronic locking system is quickly changing the way we protect ourselves from intruders. When the electronic keycard locks were introduced in 1975, it ushered in an innovative and futuristic method of securing a room. These bolts were known as “programmable locks” and use infrared light or coding sequences that eventually evolved to facial recognition locks. Houses don’t commonly have the facial recognition locks because they are still pretty expensive, but the keypad deadbolt is a practical and highly recommended alternative.

Most consumers are familiar with Yale locks. The fiercest competitor of Yale is Schlage. This is a company that was established in 1920 by a German-born inventor and engineer, Walter Schlage. At age 23, he began work with the Western Electric Company in the U.S. During his free time; he would work on his invention for controlling room lights using a wall knob, which he accomplished and followed up with another design on a push/pull door lock. After applying for his first door lock patent, he left his job and started Schlage.

Today, Schlage is a subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand Company in New Jersey and advanced to become the leader in home security systems. Castle Impace Windows is an authorized seller of Schlage keypad deadbolt, a keyless security system that has an impeccable reputation for technologically sound locks that are reliable and durable.

Keyless makes a lot of sense.  It eliminates the pain of having to carry keys around, not to mention misplacing them and dealing with the threat of duplication. However, before you decide to leap keyless keypad deadbolts, here are a few recommended actions you should consider doing first:

#1 Give us a call at Castle Impact Windows and request a team to come over to inspect your door. We can make sure that the door is ready for a keyless deadbolt. One of the common issues is bolt reach – it must be able to extend all the way to the door jamb. Our team will also check the manual operation of the door, door thickness, and its alignment to see if it is compatible with your choice of lock. We will also check if your existing lock set-up will suffice for the new deadbolt or require some adjustments.

#2 Make sure you have the proper connections.  While our team is there, we make sure that you have the proper connections for the keyless lock to work. For instance, with Schlage, we can guarantee that you will be able to use the Apple HomeKit and we can show you how it works!

#3 Consider how many people will have access to the security code and how to protect that code from unwanted guests.

#4 Consider an alarm system.  It is highly recommended that you consider an alarm system to compliment your new door lock. The door lock is a modern convenience that is best combined with a security system as an additional layer of protection. The choice of what kind of alarm is open to many options like a CCTV system, motion sensors, or a smart lighting system that can scare of intruders. Or, you might go old school and get your very own guard dog!

Give us a call and let us help you protect your home!