What Makes Hurricane Doors FL Unique?

In a storm-prone area like Florida, it’s great to be prepared for hurricane season. The good news is that over the years, science and technology have significantly improved ordinary home features and designed them to be resistant to strong, high-velocity winds and heavy rains. The introduction of hurricane doors FL and windows in the market have created safer homes. With these security features, you can be confident that your home and your family are going to be safe during a storm. Let’s find out more!

What are Hurricane Doors?

Hurricane doors are important for hurricane preparation. They’re specially designed to protect against strong winds and sudden impact. These doors are constructed in a unique way to be able to resist high-velocity winds during a hurricane. The parts used to build these doors are carefully selected and well-made to meet strict safety standards.

What Makes Them Unique?

Hurricane doors can also be called impact doors, similar to impact windows. And that’s exactly what makes them different than regular doors. A typical hurricane can last up to twelve to eighteen hours, and the winds usually reach up to 160mph. The hardware, the door, and the frame are uniquely constructed to ensure that they remain intact during the entire duration of the storm.

Are They a Good Investment?

Definitely, yes! If your priority is to keep your investment (AKA: your house) safe, then you certainly won’t regret getting hurricane doors for your home. Just make sure you purchase from a trustworthy impact window and door specialist.

Looking for Hurricane Doors FL?

Have you found a company that offers top quality hurricane doors FL? Castle Impact Windows is an expert at producing quality home protection with impact windows, doors, and hurricane-proof shutters.

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